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What do you think on increasing the number of MPs to the Parliament? Does it change anything in the institution’s activity or not, in your opinion?

Thursday, January 13
“Well, I think it is not a good idea, as the number of MPs is really enough in the Parliament, it would be better for some restrictions to be set in the institution, as there are MPs there, who did not attend the sessions and at the same time get high salaries and benefit with all privileges the other MPs have”.
Nodar, Scientific, 45

“Every time when I look trough the Parliament sessions, the room is half empty. To my mind, if such a decision is made, it would be an additional useless expense of the state budget. I don’t think it is a good idea.”
Tamar, Painter, 34

“I am not very aware of political situation. In general, if there is such a need, I am not against it. However, in my opinion, some balance should be kept in the Parliament between the oppositional and Majority representations.”
Nino, Doctor, 49

“No need to increase the number of MPs. In fact there are too many of them now. They don't decide anything, just spending the money of the taxpayers”.
Irakli, 24, driver

“Do MPs do anything at the Parliament? I really wonder what so many (150 if I’m not confused) people can do nothing but increasing fires, imposing strict regulations while there are thousands of homeless people waiting for their support… The less MPs’ the better problems could be analyzed and discussed in any country.”
Marika, Pensioner, 62

“I think it is about quality and not about quantity. It changes the amount of money spent for the salaries of the parliament members, otherwise I don’t really think anything will change, especially in a positive direction.”
Tea, cardiologist, 29

“I don’t really think it makes any sense to increase the number of parliament members because the ones which are already there are doing nothing. I don’t think the new ones will do anything good as well.”
Gizo, driver, 48

“I think they decreased the number of MPs a couple of years ago. I think it was a good decision, no need to change things now.”
Temur, engineer, 57