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Do you agree with Saakashvili that Georgia is the second safest country after Iceland according to security indicators?

Monday, January 17
“Well, I don’t really know what the situation is in Iceland, however I don’t really think it is so safe to live in Georgia. Of course everything is comparative and if we compare the situation we were living in the 90s, then our safety is much better now. However, I think there are many safer places in the world than Georgia.”
Dato, engineer, 52

“How can he talk about safety when Russian troops are 40 kms away from Tbilisi? What kind of safety is that? I think sometimes our President does not even think about what he says.”
Lela, accountant, 46

“I can go out at night for a walk and not be afraid to be robbed or killed. It was not like this before. I remember I was afraid to wear any jewelry when I used to go out, because someone could attack you in the street and rob you. It was very common. Now the situation is a lot better than that. However I have no idea what the situation is in Iceland.”
Iamze, real estate agent, 38

How can Georgia be considered as one of the safest countries in Europe when Georgia is having problems with Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions and there is potential danger from our neighbor, one of the most powerful and dangerous countries in the world, Russia.
Tamta, Language specialist, 22

Those reforms which have been carried out in Georgia lately, especially in law enforcement structures, serves mainly the country's civil security and does not influence the exterior policy of Georgia. In my opinion, the external policy is the main indicator of safety. That is why I do not agree with the statement.
Giorgi, Student, 18

I think that lately Georgia really became a safe country. A lot of essential reforms have been carried out in the country successfully for this purpose. I agree with the opinion that Georgia is a safe country, however I can not specify how safe is it compared to the European countries.
Nodar, Policeman, 28

Of course not. I think there are plenty of other countries where the security level is higher then Georgia. I don't know the exact hierarchy but I don't think civil security in our country is something we can boast. I have no idea what he had in mind when he was saying this.
Sopho, Journalist, 22

I definitely disagree with our President. Unfortunately the situation in Georgia is quite unsafe in various ways. If I knew anything about Iceland I would have made a better comparison of the conditions with safety but nevertheless being the second safe country in the world is an exceedingly ambitious statement.
Nodar, Writer, 28

What does the security indicator mean I just wonder? How can everything be considered through simple figures? Who makes all those researches and what do they serve for? The situation in our country looks more like the Communist regime: everyone and everything is being listened to and chased. Do these permanent arrests and espionages mean safety? If yes, than I agree with Saakashvili – we are “safe”.
Nikoloz, Pensioner, 61