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Tuesday, January 18
Sandra Roelofs recommends Georgia to Europeans

Georgia’s First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Roelofs recommended that Europeans should visit Georgia. Mrs. Roelofs attended the tourism exhibition held in Utrecht in The Netherlands and personally described Georgia’s tourist infrastructure, resorts and history.

Sandra Roelofs hosted the Georgian corner in the exhibition. Visitors learnt in detail about Georgia’s winter and summer resorts, including Mestia, the newly reconstructed ski resort, which opened a few weeks ago and is already attracting many tourists. Georgian tourist agencies also participated in the exhibition.

Visitors were also able to sample Georgian cuisine.
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Georgian MP climbs America’s Highest Peaks

Georgian MP Gia Tortladze has climbed the highest mountain peaks of South America and hoisted Georgian flags there.

Tortladze first ascended the Mercedario peak, then he climbed Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America and hoisted the Georgian flags there.

TV channel Rustavi-2 broadcast the politician who has left special flyers demanding the de-occupation of Georgia.

In his interview to Rustavi-2 Tortladze said that he was trying to draw attention to the fact that Russia is an aggressor and occupier.

The politician is now preparing to climb the third highest mountain in South America.

Saakashvili to visit Armenia

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili will pay a 2-days visit to Armenia on January 22, stated Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze during her regular briefing yesterday. According to Ms. Kalandadze, during the visit Saakashvili will meet his Armenian counterpart. Georgia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Grigol Vashadze will accompany the President on his visit and also meet his Armenian counterpart.

According to Kalandadze, this is Saakashvili’s first meeting in 2011. “It proves that Georgia has the utmost cordial relations with Armenia,” she added.

Saakashvili will have high level meetings in Armenia to discuss mutual relations and cooperation in international organisations.

Diplomatic relations established with the Democratic Republic of the Congo

On 14 January 2011, Georgia and the Democratic Republic of Congo signed a protocol on the establishment of diplomatic and consular relations .

According to the signed protocol, in their mutual relations the sides will be guided by principles of sovereign equality, friendly relations, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and non-violability of state borders.

On behalf of the Democratic Republic of the Congo the document was signed by Permanent Representative of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the UN, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary H.E. Ileka Atoki and for Georgia - by Permanent Representative of Georgia to the UN, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Alexander Lomaia.

The signing ceremony was held at Georgia’s Permanent Representation to the UN in New York.

In compliance with international practice, the sides informed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the establishment of diplomatic relations.

New Mayor for Rustavi

Rustavi has a new mayor – Zakro Darchiashvili was unanimously elected yesterday to the position by the city assembly.

The mayor’s post became vacant after the previous mayor, Mamuka Chikovani was promoted to deputy governor of Kvemo Kartli Region.

Chikovani chaired the Rustavi municipality for past two years. His work was assessed as very productive for implementing numerous infrastructure projects.
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Pregnant Woman dies of Viral Infection

A pregnant woman died of a viral infection at Kutaisi hospital. The 31-years-old woman was admitted to the Kutaisi intervention medical centre on January 9.

After a primary examination, doctors thought it might have been H1N1 flu, but laboratory tests did not confirm this diagnosis.

The doctors said her visit was too late and her health state was very serious.

The Centre for Disease Control urges the public, particularly pregnant women to visit a medical institution upon the first signs of flu.

Spread of the virus has been registered in Georgia since July 2009.

Ten arrested for stealing cables

Officers of the Old Tbilisi police division have arrested ten employees of Silknet – the head of the group Malkhaz Leladze, together with Davit Danelia, Davit Munjishvili, Emzar Nabakhteveli, Khvicha Gachechiladze, Teimuraz Jangulashvili, Goga Asanidze, Jumber Asanidze, Giorgi Shioshvili and Nugzar Kekenadze.

These people carried out cable installation work in various districts of the capital. The investigation discovered that the suspects stole optical-fibre cables during the installation work.

The suspects have already pleaded guilty. The investigation is in progress under the second point of article 177 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
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