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Tuesday, January 18
Opposing opinions on Unemployment figures

Akhali Taba reports that economic analyst Nodar Javakhishvili commented on unemployment in Georgia, saying that a reduction in the number of unemployed will not happen in the near future and any talk of such is just ridiculous. His comment followed the government’s statement that unemployment in Georgia decreased in 2010 by 0.4% and this tendency would continue in 2011.

Javakhishvili said that number of unemployed people is constantly increasing rather than decreasing. “The official statistic is simply absurd, according to it the number of unemployed people is 16%, in reality this number is more than 56%,” he said.

Teachers’ Scientific Conference held at Georgia’s Patriarchy

Scientific conference “Literate Future Generation” was held in Georgia’s Patriarchy yesterday, 24 Hours reports. The event was organised by Patriarchy’s Educational Centre and the “School-Family-Society Association” NGO. The conference was attended by Administration Heads, teachers and Methodists of over 40 schools under Patriarchal supervision. The organisers told journalists that the event aims to enhance students desire to study and read more in order to support the growth of a literate generation.

The event was opened by the Head of the Educational Centre, and Rustavi and Marneuli Archbishop Ioane. According to him, an analytical approach towards books should be introduced and the culture of application of technical facilities should be implemented.

Tskhinvali regime bans Lari in Akhalgori

The Tskhinvali regime has banned the circulation of the Georgian Lari in Akhalgori district according to local residents, 24 Hours reports.

“Until the end of the previous week representatives of the Tskhinvali regime warned owners and salesmen of local shops against trading in Georgian Lari. The currency circulation has been banned from yesterday,” said Akhalgori residents.

The decision to ban the Lari was made by the Tskhinvali regime at the end of last year.