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What do you think of the Patriarch’s initiative towards the authorities on criminals who commit small crimes to be located in the mountainous regions of Georgia?

Thursday, January 20
His Holiness is always sharing his wise concerns to his parish. I think it would be the best way out of the difficult situation at the prisons. People committing small crimes should have a chance to return to ordinary life as soon as possible and improve on their faults.
Natela, Pensioner, 64

It sounds attractive but I doubt that the Georgian Government would take the Patriarch’s idea into consideration. They have their laws and make decisions unanimously without anyone’s interference.
Malkhaz, Driver, 48

We, ordinary people, always listen and obey our Patriarch – the only honest person in our country but the issue of criminals needs a special approach. There are lots of people committing minor crimes but not all of them have acknowledged their mistakes. Let the Patriarchate and the Government sit together to discuss the issue and arrive at the wisest solution.
Nino, Teacher, 29

I have just heard about this idea, but I think it's very positive, only I can’t imagine how the authorities will control their activities in the mountains.
Keti, Manager, 24

Well, I think that it is a really good initiative and I hope that the authorities will take it into consideration; however the authorities should ensure security norms are in place. First of all, this initiative would be reflected positively on the regions, as there are very few locals left.
Nodar, Economist, 32

It is difficult to say something beforehand, but as far as I know, such practices exist in foreign countries and it really works. We have wonderful mountainous regions, which are practically emptied and something must be done to stop this process. Thus, I agree with the initiative.
Natia, Doctor, 43

I am really skeptical. I do not think that the authorities will take this initiative into consideration. It would be very difficult to select the people and then ensure that they will not escape from the areas.
Gocha, Manager, 28

”I think it is merely a utopia. Do we want our mountainous regions be populated with criminals only? And what do you think those people will be doing there? I don’t think they will start doing agriculture activities or something like that. I respect our patriarch but this idea seems lame.”
Keti, economist, 38

“In my opinion it is a brilliant idea. The Government should start discussing this issue, otherwise we will lose the best of our territories, which are now mostly abandoned. I support this initiative.”
Nana, housewife, 55

“The government should ensure that the people who will be sent to live in mountainous regions of Georgia have proper accommodation, because as far as I know in some regions, like Tusheti, there is no electricity in the villages. I don’t think anyone will want to live and establish themselves there if at least electricity is not available.”
Maka, IT, 25