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Monday, January 24
Sugar price has increased in Georgia

The price of sugar has increased in Georgia by 12 tetris and and is now valued at 2.20 GEL per kg

As Director General of ‘Agaris Shakari’ Alkhan Alizade said 50kg sugar will cost 104GEL (increased by 6GEL), 24 hours report.

Alkhan Alizade says that the increase is linked with rising prices on the world market. He underlined the consistent price increase for the last two years on the international market. Alizade said there will not be a sugar shortage in the country. Raw sugar will be imported if required.

Agricultural Minister of Georgia, Bakur Kvezereli denies the reports of a sugar deficit in the country.

As he stated before the beginning of a government meeting of January 21 there was no shortage of sugar in the country.

As for bread prices, Kvezereli said that an increase in Georgia was not expected. There is no shortage of any products.

“The country has an adequate supply of all products,” he said.

The Minister also made a comment on the export of wheat from Ukraine, saying that he will hold a meeting with his Ukrainian colleagues on this issue.

Fishing vessel sank in Black Sea

A Georgian fishing boat sank off the coast of Georgia`s Black Sea town of Batumi. The vessel was wrecked a mile from the coast yesterday, 24 Hours reports.

Five crew members were on board during the incident but they were rescued by coast guard employees. One of the crew members was given medical first aid at the site. He was later transported to Batumi Republican Hospital. The condition of the other fishermen is satisfactory.

Reportedly, a rope on the seiner was ripped and the boat lost its balance as a result. A rupture of the ship's cable caused the vessel to sink.