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Do you agree with Saakashvili that borders with neighboring countries should be more transparent?

Monday, January 24
Yes, I definitely agree with the President because I think the transparency of borders would broaden our relations in various ways.
Guram, Doctor, 25

Well actually it depends on the neighbors… I mean Georgia has several neighbors one of which once attacked us and endangered our unity. I think diplomacy is the best policy but our Government has to better balance its relations with all the neighbors and than make steps forward.
Ia, Interpreter, 42

Transparency of borders refers to the political, economical, cultural relationship among the sides and their inter-cooperation. I mean Georgia may open its borders to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia but they may oppose this step due for private reasons… Moreover, the broadening of relations with neighbors needs bilateral agreement. That’s why I can’t predict the exact affects of the statement made by our President but still doubt the possibility of confrontation from the other sides.”
Givi, Sociologist, 55

Well, I think there is nothing unacceptable in the initiative. If the borders with the neighbor countries will be maximally opened and the procedures will be simpler than now, it would be positively reflected on tourism development in the country.
Nona, Manager, 25

I have heard this statement. Saakashvili is trying to make closer contacts with neighbor countries; however this is not dependant on only one side’s intentions. Firstly, such agreements should be made, there should be talks on how the procedures would be regulated and only after this should the President make a statement, to my mind and not beforehand, when another leader looks at him with surprise.
Nikoloz, Sociologist, 46

I think it is not a bad initiative; however the process should be maximally effective. Society should be maximally informed as to how the procedures would be carried out.
Nona, Teacher, 34