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Wednesday, January 26
Leaders of National Council at CoE

Georgian opposition leaders appeared at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe at the invitation of Russian MPs yesterday. Koba Davitashvili and Kakha Kukava held briefings in Russian, taking permission from Russian law makers to make comments for Georgian journalists in Georgian, 24 Hours reports.

Sergey Markov attended the briefing, giving instructions to Georgian opposition leaders on what to say and how to say it.

Kukava and Davitashvili said the goal of their visit was to report in detail the situation in Georgia, including issues of political prisoners, political terror, and violations of the rights of IDPs. They said the frozen conflicts and regulation of Georgia-Russia relations were their priority during the discussions of Georgia’s foreign policy.

The Georgian governmental delegation disapproved of the participation of the opposition leaders invited by Russian colleagues in the PACE session.

“Russian lawmakers are working intensively in this organisation to affect the sovereignty of Georgia and succeed in legalising the proxy regimes operating on Georgia’s occupied territories. It’s a pity when Georgian politicians, regardless of their political views, come here at the invitation of Russian MPs, who scold them for speaking in Georgian,” Petre Tsiskarishvili said.

The Georgian delegation plans to focus on the negligence of Russia towards the PACE resolutions, as none of its obligations have yet been fulfilled by the occupying country with regard to Georgia. In addition, the delegation will call upon the international community to force Russia to withdraw its forces from Abkhazia and South Ossetia and begin the process of the de-occupation.

The PACE winter session will last until January 28, 2011.

Georgia’s Minister of Agriculture rules out food shortages

Georgia’s Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli has ruled out any product shortage in the country. The Minister said the government doesn’t predict any food deficit in the future either. According to Kvezereli, journalists should approach relevant companies in connection with the specific data about the current product stocks, 24 Hours reports.

There has been a shortage of sugar in Tbilisi grocery stores. News Agency InterPressNews has found that sugar has been sold in very limited quantities or hasn’t been sold at all. Salespeople haven’t been able to explain what has caused the shortage stating that they haven’t received sugar from the suppliers and are unaware when they will be provided with new stock.

The price of sugar ranges from 2.5 GEL to 2.80 GEL. According to reports the sugar shortage will be over in Tbilisi grocery shops within a couple of days.