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Do you think the Moscow Domodedovo Airport explosion is linked to recent Russian policy towards the Northern Caucasus?

Wednesday, January 26
“I think Russia has been too severe towards other nationalities especially Caucasians. Unfortunately I’m not competent enough to prove something but the terrorist act may have been carried out by the most upset people who didn’t care for innocent lives. I just wonder whether it is so easy to kill someone for dirty policy. The tragedy that happened at Domodedovo airport is a terrible crime.”
Nina, Teacher, 44

“I am very sceptical towards politics. I connect everything with another in life and confidently think that “politics is a dirty game” That’s why the first thing I thought of about this issue was Saakashvili’s “successful” start of the year with all those international conferences and high level meetings. I want to believe that the Russian government hasn’t provoked the attack on the airport themselves to shadow Saakashvili’s triumph and draw international attention on them. That’s just my sceptical viewpoint but I hope Russia is not severe enough to doom its own population for politics.”
Masho, Sociologist, 28

“Of course Moscow’s policy towards the Northern Caucasus is directly linked with yesterday’s blast in Moscow. I do not approve of terrorism and I think it is a totally unacceptable form of expressing protest; however the Russian government should revise its attitude towards its neighboring states if it wants to keep Russian citizens safe.”
Dato, Engineer, 53

“No matter what Russia’s policy towards the North Caucasus is, it is absolutely unacceptable to kill innocent people and spread terror anywhere. Those 35 people, who died as a result of an explosion, had nothing to do with Putin’s and Medvedev’s policy.”
Nino, Housewife, 40

“I don’t think there is any other reason why a terrorist would blow up himself in Moscow’s airport – of course this is connected with Russia’s aggressive policy in the North Caucasus and not only there.”
Maka, Accountant, 25

“Well, I think that this terrorist act was in direct connection to Russia’s policy towards the North Caucasus people. I do not justify that explosion of course, as victims are always innocent people; however Russian actions in the Caucasus are more than terrorism.”
Gia, Sociologist, 38

“The victims of terrorism are often those countries, which are somehow violating the rights of another, especially Muslim countries. If Russia does not stop its horrible policy towards the Caucasus, especially towards the North Caucasus, there will always be the threat of explosions on their territory. ”
Giorgi, Historian, 42

“It has no meaning who committed this terrible thing, as in any case the Russian authorities will see the Caucasian track in it. In general, as it has already been revealed, Russian ruling forces commit such things also to justify their activities towards Chechnya and some other Caucasian countries.”
Nineli, Physicist, 54