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Russia rehabilitating Abkhazian railways

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, January 27
According to Abkhazian separatist information sources, Moscow allotted to Sokhumi approximately 67 mln USD as a loan for rehabilitating its railways. The decision was taken in December 2010 and Russian railway experts will be arriving in Abkhazia at the end of January. Rehabilitation works will take place in the territories of Sokhumi in the direction of the Georgian-Russian border (now controlled by separatists) as well as a branch of the railways connecting Tkvarcheli and Ochamchire..

In May 2009, Abkhaz separatist leader Bagapsh stated that the Abkhazian railway could be given to Russian management for 10 years. Some segments of Abkhazian railways were reconstructed and modernized before Russia launched its military invasion of Georgia. Obviously these steps were taken for the purposes of facilitating a military assault on Georgia.