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What can be done from the authoritiesí side to stop the inflation process in the country?

Friday, January 28
Inflation is a world wide problem and prominent business associations are continuously working to improve the situation on the world market. But this issue is not so easy to be solved as it is connected with different things like prices of food, demand and consumption index, GDP for individual countries, etc. Being part of the business society I would simply advise you all to keep calm and follow the world trend. Letís hope everything will be improved soon in the world market.
Davit, Business Counselor, 29

The Georgian Government doesnít do anything at all to improve the living conditions of their citizens. What can they do against inflation, I wonder? It would be the greatest challenge for them to find ways out from the harsh situation around us but I doubt it is possible.
Tina, Housewife, 53

There are lots of mistakes made by our Government during the economical tension in our country. Millions of dollars are being wasted from the state budget for unnecessary projects and concerts annually. I think they would manage to ensure the optimal rate of inflation if they acted in a wiser way, otherwise I just doubt we would find any solution from the economic crisis around us.
Guram, Student, 24

Very soon this situation will be really unbearable. There are no working places in the country, there are no high salaries and the prices are increasing very quickly. I donít know what the authorities might do, I am not aware of economic issues; we have elected those people to settle such kinds of problems. If I were competent on the issues I would be in politics. Everyone has their duty.
Gela, Musician, 31

It is a very painful problem for all, we are three in the family and my husband and I have jobs, however our salaries could hardly cover communal and every day expenses. The authorities must work in this direction, pay more attention to agriculture and some other fields from which we can gain profit and work out some mechanism which would balance prices.
Nanuli, Teacher, 35

This is the global problem and everyone talks about it, if you watch TV, you can see a worse reality in some other and more developed countries of the world. I think that the authorities might work in this direction, however much depends on international reality.
Goga, Programmer, 29