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Monday, January 31
Book of Georgia’s First Lady to be Sold in Poland

An autobiographic book of the first lady of Georgia Sandra Roelovs will be sold in Poland from next week. ‘Idealist’s story’, has been translated to Polish and one chapter is devoted to Lech Kaczynsky’s wife Maria Kaczynski.

The first lady presented the book on her official visit to Warsaw. The money from the sold books will be spent on the humanitarian events of the foundation ‘Soko’.

Sandra Elizabed Roelovs is visiting Poland. She has already held a meeting with the President of Poland and the first lady. Friendly relations between the countries were discussed. Sandra Roelovs has also visited Warsaw university, Shopen museum and music academy. She attended a reception organized by the Georgian embassy and awarded representatives of the organization who took Georgian children to Poland after the 2008 war.

Sandra Roelovs will depart to the U.S. on 30 January to attend Georgian-U.S. bilateral conference on Healthcare issues. Chair of the representative conference will be Sandra Roelovs. The first lady will return to Georgia on 5 February.

Winter Season opens in Georgia`s Gudauri ski-resort

Winter Season has officially opened in Gudauri ski resort located on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. It has been snowing for three days in Gudauri and the road to the resort has also been opened. Due to the heavy snowfall, traffic movement was blocked for a while, although all the impediments were quickly dealt with.
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Statement by Georgian MFA on situation in Egypt

The Georgian Foreign Ministry has released a special statement regarding the current situation in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

"In response to the ongoing large-scale demonstrations, the Government of Egypt has imposed a curfew on the entire territory of the country from 18:00 to 07:00.

"Taking into consideration the security concerns, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia strongly recommends to all citizens of Georgia to refrain from any travel to Egypt", the statement says.
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Georgian travel agencies intend no changes to Egypt tours

Despite the current situation in Egypt, Georgian tourist agencies say they do not intend to make any changes to the travel tours scheduled to Egypt.

Reportedly, the number of tourists from Georgia willing to visit Egypt has not reduced. Charter flights are still functioning to the country without any problems.

Representatives of Georgia`s travel agencies say the resort zone is located quite far from the cities where the unrest is going on and the situation in the resort is quiet.
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No danger of H1N1 epidemic in Georgia

Eighteen patients infected with H1N1 virus have been transported from regions of Georgia to Tbilisi during the last two days. They have been transferred to different clinics of the city.

Representatives of the healthcare ministry say that they are completely prepared for fighting viruses and there is more than enough supply of medicines to satisfy demand of the population.

Representatives of the National Centre for Disease Control urge all citizens experiencing flu like symptoms to see the doctor.

According to the data provided by the centre, 127 cases of the H1N1 virus in total, as well as 39 cases of B-type virus and two cases of A-type virus have been confirmed in the country. Experts remain adamant that there is no danger of epidemic in the country.
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Georgian MP elected the secretary of the European Democrats faction

Georgian MP, vice speaker Paata Davitaia, has been elected the political secretary and the member of the bureau of the European Democrats` Faction in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Davitaia has already started with his duties.

Davitaia told journalists that his work in the bureau will be fruitful for Georgia, because the faction always agrees the agenda of the PACE with the political secretary before the issues are proposed for the assembly for discussion.

`This position will allow me to be actively involved in the work of the bureau on all issues,` Davitaia said.
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Mini Plant Of Poultry Breeding Opened In Village Kheltubani

A new mini plant of poultry breeding has been opened in the village of Kheltubani.

The governor of Shida Kartli region and a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) officially opened the plant.

The poultry keeping mini plant’ opening in the village Kheltubani was supported by the inernational orhganization IRD.

20 families of local population will be employeed in the plant, envisaging 8000 hens breeding in a 2 month period.

Rugby Legend Sean Fitzpatrick visits Georgia

Rugby Legend Sean Fitzpatrick, who is regarded as one of the finest players ever to come from New Zealand, arrived on Saturday in Georgia for a one-day visit.

Fitzpatrick is the first to respond to the initiative of the Georgian Rugby Union to create an International Council of Advisers of Georgian Rugby Union.

A press-conference was held in Tbilisi Marriott Hotel, where heads of the Georgian Rugby Union and the guest talked to media.

Sean Fitzpatrick also visited the training base of the national team and met with Minister of Youth Affairs Lado Vardzelashvili.
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