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Do you think the business ombudsman will help the business sector in regulating relations with the Georgian government?

Monday, January 31
Judging by the fact that the newly elected business Ombudsman Giorgi Pertaia had been PM Nika Gilauriís adviser I simply doubt that he would manage to obtain independence in decision-making on behalf of the business sector.
Lia, Teacher, 28

Everyone in our country is being selected by the Georgian Government. Our authorities are clever enough to name candidates following their own regulations and rules so I doubt that Pertaia will succeed in protecting the rights of businessmenÖ
Ilia, Lawyer, 45

I canít at all understand the idea of a business ombudsman especially after the election of Gilauriís counselor to this position. Business in Georgia lacks protection from political authorities and this new office will make life even harder for them.
Nia, Student, 20

I think that the authorities know best of all, what kinds of problems the Business sector has in the country, as the authorities create those problems. The business sector will be protected in the country, only after the authorities decide not to get involved in business affairs, if it is not, the business ombudsman will do nothing.
Temur, sociologist, 38

I am not aware of business issues, however I can see that despite some privileges for the business sector, the field is not developing successfully in the country. It means that some problems exist, that is why I think that this institute might be good for revealing those problems and for improving on any shortcomings in this direction.
Natia, Actress, 26

As far as I know, the Business ombudsman was appointed by the Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker which raises question marks about his impartiality. I think that such a person should not be appointed by the officials as he will be limited in his activities.
Giorgi, Historian, 32