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Tuesday, February 1
Wheat price still increasing

24 Hours writes that in Georgia where 90% of wheat is imported, bread prices have not increased yet, although economic analysts say that a price rise is expected in February. “In the second half of the February bread prices will increase by 5 tetri. Wheat prices are on the increase in the world, so bread prices must rise accordingly,” Davit Galegashvili head of the wheat producers association said.

According to analysts if the price of bread increases it will influences the price of other food products. Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli explained that Georgia has stored wheat which will be enough for the population for three months, which is why the price of bread has not yet risen.

The price of wheat has been constantly increasing since January 14, 2011 and according to latest data, the price increased by 6%. However since last year the price has increased by 43%.

One of the biggest importers of wheat is the company Agrikom. The company’s chief Koki Osipov said that the price of Kazakhstan wheat has increased by 25 USD to USD 390. Ukrainian wheat has been increased by USD 15 and costs USD 340. Agrikob says that if this tendency continues the price of wheat will reach USD 420 - 450.

Crossing so called Russian-Abkhazian border with Soviet passports banned

Crossing the so called Russian-Abkhazian border with Soviet passports has been prohibited, 24 Hours reports. The information was released by the web portal Caucasian Knot. The agency was told the so called Border Service, just very few population of self-declared Abkhazia uses the Soviet passports. Thus the border guards are not expecting many violations of rights.

According to the Russian de-facto Consular in Abkhazia Vladimir Malishev, soviet passports are no longer needed since August 2010, and Abkhazian residents that haven’t been granted Russian citizenship can cross the border by presenting Abkhazian documents only.

The initial stock of the so called foreign passports issued in Russia was sent to Abkhazia on July 19, 2010.