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Which winter resorts of Georgia would you prefer to go to?

Tuesday, February 2
“Usually my friends and I go to Gudauri every winter for skiing, although we were a bit frustrated this year as snow has only just arrived there. But we are going to spend our weekend there if the snow does not melt. Gudauri is very comfortable for me because it is very close to Tbilisi and the hotel accommodation is excellent. I thought this winter season had failed in Georgia but fortunately it did not.”
Beka, Bank employee, 27

“I have been in Mestia for the first time. It was amazing! I have never thought to find myself in totally different world just after one hour flight from Tbilisi. The ski runs are not as good as in Bakuriani or Gudauri but it’s just a matter of time. Mestia has already become my favorite destinations during winter season.”
Sophie, Dentist, 35

“Every year I ago to Bakuriani, I think it is the best winter resort in Georgia. I go with friends and we always have a good time there. This year I will go there of course, but in middle of February, as there is still warm weather in Georgia.”
Luka, Student, 19

“We have not much chosen in this field. To tell the truth, I am not keen on skiing and such kinds of winter activities, however, my friends and relatives go to Bakuriani every year and they like it. Now, I am interested in Mestia, as a winter resort and I would go there with pleasure out of interest”.
Nino, Tennis player, 23

“I prefer Gudauri. I think that there are satisfactory means for good rest and entertainment. However, I think that more investment is needed for winter resorts development in the country and this will be positively reflected in the advance in tourism and more tourists in the country.”
Goga, Journalist, 29

“I prefer renovated Svaneti most of all because I’m Svan myself and I can appreciate my Mestia and Lentekhi better than anyone else.”
Ia, Student, 18

“I hate winter and I am not fond of any winter sports. I prefer my warm home rather than freezing in mountains.”
Lela, Translator, 38

“Bakuriani and Gudauri are the two mountainous resorts where I always go for skiing. I feel really free and happy there surrounded with my best friends. We, Georgians have so little opportunity to play with snowflakes and skate so both these resorts are ideal for a winter holiday.”
Nika, Bank Accountant, 32

“Georgia is not so popular with winter resorts due to lack of snow there but as a great admirer of adventures I often go for hiking in the high mountains with my family. Having seen lots of amazing places in all parts of Georgia I can freely admit that I have seen nothing more exciting than Pshav-Khevsureti surrounded all with trees and mountains. I would really advise you all to follow my steps and start exploring Georgia from Mtiuleti.”
Ilia, Scientist, 48