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Azerbaijan: diversification strategy

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 2
The Azerbaijani media has disseminated information stating that the Davos Economic Forum highly evaluated Azeri economy from a compatibility perspective. Appearing in Davos President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan commented that as a result of its location and importance Azerbaijan remains close to the Caucasus region as well as Central Asia preserving the links of the Soviet era. It is deeply involved in various transportation projects going from east to west or north to south. Aliyev mentioned the country’s strive towards diversifying the infrastructure and transportation routes and developing other sectors to secure a sustainable future for the country. Country offers reliable investment climate and the guarantees for investments. He also pointed to the country’s strategy for creating jobs through diversification of the economy with the aim of decreasing the number of people living below the poverty line from 49% of the population to 9% or even less.