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Q&A session and Georgian-Russian relations

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 2
There is still much speculation over President Saakashvili’s recent question and answer session. He touched upon very poignant topics – mainly Russian-Georgian relations and the situation in the North Caucasus. His remarks and opinions were more than critical and as the western media has commented Saakashvili’s teasing of Moscow may lead to disastrous consequences for Georgia.

The recent terrorist attack on Moscow’s Domodedovo airport is linked to the situation in the North Caucasus. This has been acknowledged not only by Georgia and the west but in Russia itself. Some think that this event demonstrates a complete collapse of the Kremlin’s policy in the North Caucasus. Almost nobody doubts that the executors of the attack as well as those who masterminded it are connected with the North Caucasus.

The attack showed that Russian Special Forces are unable to infiltrate anti-Russian undercover networks and of course they cannot avoid such attacks.

Thou Russian authorities are constantly declaring their attempts to improve the economic situation in the North Caucasus, while this attack clearly showed the grudge of the North Caucasus people towards Moscow is not only the result of economic or social hardship but from some serious incentives, probably separatist moods and Islamist sentiments.

Georgian officials think that if Russia wants to establish peace in the region it should completely change its policy towards the north Caucasus population as well as towards Georgia.

In fact Saakashvili did not say anything new; however it is one thing when journalists, commentators or analysts say something, but a completely different matter when the head of the state says the same things.

In his speech Saakashvili compared Russia with a crocodile ready to swallow Georgia. Overall it could be said that those remarks by the president as well as the opening of the Georgian border to visa free entry for the population of North Caucasus, along with some other facts irritate the Russian leadership, tease Russia and nobody can predict what steps it could take. It is widely acknowledged that Georgia needs stability in the North Caucasus maybe more than Russia. So perhaps Georgia is playing with fire and it is a dangerous game.