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Wednesday, February 2
14 Georgian passengers travel to Egypt

14 Passengers left for Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, from Tbilisi International Airport, 24 Hours reports.

80 people were planning to leave for Sharm El Sheikh, however as a result of the unrest in the country only 14 people, including one child, decided to go.

Meanwhile a charter flight brought 107 Georgian tourists back from Sharm el Sheikh to Georgia early on Tuesday morning. The tourists said the situation was calm and safe in the resort in comparison with the political turmoil in the rest of the country; however, the tourists had to stay in the hotels during their visit. They said some tourists saw looters intruding in one of the districts causing panic.

Airzena says that the situation in Egypt has not affected the airline’s flight schedule and it is prepared to appoint charter flights if required to bring Georgians back from Egypt.

There have been 170 deaths as a result of the clashes in Egypt.

Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Georgians not to travel to Egypt. The Ministry activated a hotline – 94-50-50 in response to the developments in Egypt.

Irakli Alasania visits U.S.

The Leader of the Free Democrats is paying a three-day visit to Washington. Irakli Alasania has been invited to a breakfast with senators and congressmen that will also be attended by the U.S. President, Barack Obama, 24 Hours reports. Alasania will have bilateral meetings with senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, also with new Congress representatives. He will speak about the issues he considers the most strategic in Georgian-U.S. relations. The meeting will be held at the White House along with State Department representatives.

After visiting the U.S., Alasania will travel to Great Britain where meetings at the MFA and Conservative Parties are planned. The Georgian opposition member will deliver a speech at the research centre, 'Chatham House'.

Alasania visited the USA in November 2010 and had meetings with congressmen on issues related to the electoral environment in Georgia. He also held meetings with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Freedom House and the National Fund for Democracy.