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What do you think about the decision of the Finance Ministry that individuals will no longer be able to import commodities for trade by car or in bags but only by truck?

Wednesday, February 2
“I have just heard about this decision. I am really angry. I think that it is an unfair decision. Those people who are engaged with that activity and for whom trade is their only means of income will find themselves in a very difficult”.
Nugzar, Driver, 51

“I think that this is one more step against corruption and illegal goods transportation in the country, which damages the state budget and those people who are transporting the goods legally. I welcome the decision.”
Giorgi, Economist, 34

“I think it is very uncomfortable. If I don't have many goods, why I should hire a truck and pay extra money for this? I think there are some details which are unclear in the regulation. At the same time, I think that this will further damage the middle and low level of the Georgian people as prices on some goods will increase.”
Nino, Teacher, 42

“The Ministry of Finance follows our Government’s course and does what it is told to do... All these innovations within our statehood, which according to officials are aimed at improving the lives of citizens, have the opposite affect on people.”
Nikoloz, Pensioner, 64

“I totally disapprove of all the initiatives carried out by the Government. This is a serious violation of human rights and aims at worsening our conditions. I'm a retail trader myself and it costs me so much money to bring all that stuff to Georgia... Now it will be even harder for me to get some extra money.”
Lia, Trader, 38

“The Ministry of Finance has tried to cheat us with their great plans and promises, just like the rest of our Government bodies, but as a matter of a fact there are still lots of necessary changes to be made in our statehood rather than complicating our lives with the innovations.”
Eka, Housewife, 49