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Thursday, February 3
Hewlett Packard to establish IT service Center in Georgia

The Hewlett Packard HP will establish an IT service center and data collection center in Georgia. In connection with this, in the Economic and Sustainable Development Ministry, a memorandum was signed by Vera Kobalia, Minister and David Sincler, representative of HP. "The biggest IT company works with governmental bodies and in the frames of our cooperation the Data collection Center will be established where over 100 people will be employed, " - Kobalia said.

David Sincler said despite Georgia being a small country, it has big ambitions in IT. According to him, the agreement signed by HP will provide IT services in the enterprises that are under government ownership. As a result, the IT services expenses will decrease by 20 %. At the same time, the system will be defended from cyber attacks and trainings will be provided by IT specialists. For the implementation of the project, HP plans to invest several million USD in Georgia, with the ultimate goal of employing hundreds of IT specialists. (GHN)

Burjanadze attended world economic forum in Davos

Nino Burjanadze, leader of democratic movement 'For United Georgia' visited Davos for the World Economic Forum. Here the security and economic challenges were discussed which are important for all countries. In the frames of the visit, she conducted bilateral meetings with political leaders and representatives of society, people who are playing an important role in the decision-making process. She analyzed the current process in Georgia during the discussions. "The policy of the Georgian government was clearly unprofessional and ineffective, this was evident during those informal meetings that conducted in Davos, "- she said.

"No illusions remained concerning the development of Georgia. Despite the government spending huge sums of money for PR and presenting their own personalities positively before the world, this is all in vain. Those who are really interested with the process in our country are making a bad prognosis. Such meetings are very important to provide the international community with truth and objective information. It was shown once again during the meetings that the chances are that that will not happen in governmental politics and the country will slide down by inertia. No chances to defend own interests and to return to the previous position in the region will exist for the country. No hope for the regulation of the Abkhazian and S.O. question and its return under this government. Most likely we will be even more distant from them, " - Burjanadze said. (GHN)

Nika Gilauri Discusses Health Issues During Visit To USA

Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri, while paying an official visit to the USA, will participate in the first Georgian-American conference on health care issues.

Prime-News was reported about at the Prime Minister’s administration.

The first Georgian-American conference was held on February 2. The initiator of the conference "Health Care of Georgia-2012" is the First Lady of Georgia, Sandra Roelofs.

60 Georgian doctors, working in the US as well as representatives of international organizations and political circles, participated in the conference.

Within the visit Nika Gilauri will hold a meeting with the director of Millennium Challenges Fund and American senators.

The Prime Minister will also participate in a discussion, planned at the Progress Center of the USA. (Prime-News)

Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze held a meeting with European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, Mr. Stefan Fule in Brussels. The sides talked about the negotiations which are underway between Georgia and the European Union and the progress of Georgia in its reforms, which the government carried out in 2010 to speed up integration into European structures.

Mr. Vashadze and Mr.Fule also discussed the issues of regional security and stability.

The Georgian Minister visited the Great Dukedom of Luxemburg yesterday. (Rustavi 2)

Number of Deaths from Influenza Has Increased To Ten People

According to the National Center of Disease Control, the number of people who have died of influenza has increased to 10 people. Six of 10 people died from the virus H1N1, three - from B-type influenza virus and one – from type A of the virus.

In total, 166 cases of the virus H1N1, 39 cases of the influenza type B and six – of virus type A have been recorded this season.

According to the National Center, all lethal cases were caused by not consulting a doctor quickly enough.

The National Center for Disease Control and the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs is urging people in risk groups such as pregnant women, children under five, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases to observe all necessary measures and if the relevant symptoms are found, to meet doctors quickly. (Prime-News)

Armenian Citizens detained for applying forged credit cards

Tbilisi police have detained citizens of Armenia - Oganes Oganesian, Armen Sarqisian and Karen Karapetian - who have been accused of using forged credit cards.

In the course of investigation it was established that on January 25, 2011 the above mentioned persons headed towards the Georgian border in a vehicle owned by Sedrak Mamian in order to purchase valuable items at different shops with forged plastic cards.

The suspects allegedly chose trade facilities in Tbilisi where it was possible to shop with plastic cards. Afterwards, the detainees allegedly purchased expensive mobile phones and portable computers with the forged plastic cards.

In connection with the mentioned criminal case the officers of Vake-Saburtalo Police Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained the citizens of Armenia.The forged plastic cards belonging to foreign banks were seized during the search. Police also seized illegally purchased mobile phones and portable computers.

The investigation is in progress already. If they are found guilty, the detainees may face imprisonment from four to seven years. (Rustavi 2)