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Are you insured or not? Does your insurance company cover your financial necessities in case it is needed?

Thursday, February 3
"I am not insured, although I want to be. The cheapest family insurance would cost me GEL 60 per month which I cannot afford."
Tea, housewife, 35

"My company insured me. However I have not used it at all so far. For me it is totally useless."
Maka, accountant, 25

I am insured and I think that everyone should be insured as it is very important. Of course I get appropriate service and financial service from the insurance company. Each side has its obligation and if one side violates it, it would answer for this. I am satisfied, I have not had a problem until now regarding the issue and I hope nothing will change in this respect.
Natia, Manager, 29

I am insured and once I used my insurance for medical needs. There was no problem created from the insurance company’s side.

Natela, Teacher, 41

"I have never used my insurance card but several of my colleagues have been complaining about the services offered by their insurance companies. I think Georgian insurance companies can't provide their clients with the services necessary for their healthcare."
Anna, Office Manager, 24

"I am insured and the insurance company always covers my health expenses. You should just follow the procedures and everything will be ideal."
Nino, Administrator, 32

"I am not insured because I seldom suffer from serious diseases. That's why I'm not fimiliar with the refunding provided by such agencies. Moreover there are so long queues at each doctor's room that I wouldn't have used their service even if I had been insured."
Giorgi, Painter, 41

"I'm not insured thus I have nothing to complain. But I think I should think of one of the local companies due to their profitable service. They don't work as badly as people say, trust me."
Irakli, Surgeon, 34