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Friday, February 4
Parliament to Ratify Agreement on Common Airspace between EU and Georgia

Parliament will ratify an agreement on common airspace between the EU and Georgia on its next sitting.

The agreement on common airspace between Georgia and the EU has been already submitted to Parliament for ratification.

The agreement was signed in Brussels on December 2, 2010.

According to the Government of Georgia, this document will enable Georgia not only to access to the common European airspace, but will enable new airlines to enter the Georgian market. (Prime-News)

Prime Minister: US Senators ready to pass resolution for Georgian occupied territories

The USA senators are ready to pass the resolution in connection with Georgia's occupied territories. Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri being with official visit in USA said today to journalists after the accomplishment of his meeting with USA Senators.

"US Senate will discuss the question of occupied territories by Russian Federation. We wish this resolution to be supported by all Senate. All those with whom we discussed this question are highly supporting Georgian side, " - Gilauri said.

To be noted that except of John McCain and other Senators Gilauri met with head of "Millennium Corporation" and discussed the grant allocation question for Georgia. (GHN)

Several villages isolated due to heavy snow in Guria

Heavy snow has caused serious problems to the villages of the Guria region. The snow has damaged electricity wires, due to which most of the region has gone without power.

`Energo-Pro-Georgia` company staff are working to restore the damaged wires and it is hoped that the power supply will be restored very shortly.

The snow cover has exceeded 50 cm, causing traffic problems. Road department brigades are working to clean up the roads as several villages have been completely isolated from the regional centres due to traffic problems.

The snow is continuing to fall in Guria which may cause further problems. (Rustavi 2)

Tkibuli Miners Cease Strike

Tkibuli miners’ protest is over. A member of the Secretariat of Tkibuli Miners’ Trade Union George Babukhadia told InterPressNews, that their action has ceased. The strikers hope that their Agreement reached with “Georgian Coal” administration will be fulfilled. The document stipulates the revision of miners’ salary rates and the provision of adequate measures concerning miners’ working conditions. Initially, there have been negotiations regarding the transport section workers’ salary rise by 15-30%. Their current monthly pay totals 250 GEL for the time being. Meetings with Mine Administration will resume in order to identify the salary rates. (Interpressnews)

Protect Georgia’s New Project

“Protect Georgia” has created a new national project “Georgian Conservatism” and has begun introducing it to the public. As the Chairman of “Protect Georgia” David Maghradze told InterPressNews, pseudo-liberal modernization has failed and, consequently, society needs a new ideology. According to Maghradze, the Project rests on classic European education, basics of Christianity, synthesis of antique wisdom, etc. “We aim at publicizing the Idea and supporting relevant discussions over the issue. The public has to start thinking about it”, Maghradze said.

The Project will be introduced to Georgian Academy members. Afterwards, it will be presented to higher educational institutions. (Interpresssnews)

Former MP Detained for Swindling

Police has detained former MP Vasil Chigogidze.

The detainee is charged with swindling. Specifically, he is suspected of the falsification of documents.

Vasil Chigogidze was detained earlier for committing violations regarding parts of land, though he was released after only two days.

The Prosecutor’s Office has not made any comment so far.

Vasil Chigogidze was a member of the Parliament and head of the Conveyance Service of the Georgian Railway. (Interpresssnews)

Friends, Relatives Recall Zurab Zhvania on 6th Anniversary of his Death

Friends and relatives have recalled the late PM Zurab Zhvania at Saburtalo cemetery.

According to his wife, Nino Kadagidze, there are a lot of questions still unanswered concerning her husband’s death.

‘The questions should be answered sooner or later. However, I doubt they will be answered until the government is replaced in the country’, she said.

According to Lana Ghoghoberidze, a friend of Zhvania, ‘Zura’s death was an incurable pain for her and for the whole country’. (Interpressnews)