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Friday, February 4
Prosecutorís Office Prevents Export of Pirosmaniís Masterpiece

The Prosecutorís Office of Georgia have found out that people were planning to export famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosmaniís painting `Cock, Brood-hen and the Chickens` from Georgia, 24 Hours reports.

The Prosecutorís Office managed to prevent the export. Davit Sakvarelidze, Deputy Prosecutor, reported the details of the case at the briefing today. He said that the law enforcers were informed about the attempt to sell yet-unknown painting by Pirosmani abroad. The sellers reduced the primary price Ė half a million dollar to 150,000 dollar, thinking it was a copy of the masterpiece.

The persons, trying to sell the painting, thought it was a copy of the original painting. However, the experts confirmed the authenticity of the painting.

The masterpiece, unknown to the public up to now, was handed over to the Georgian National Art Museum.

Deputy Minister of Culture Davit Tskhadadze was attending the briefing at the Prosecutorís office. He thanked the law enforcers for their successful work.

Giorgi Tughushi to be questioned as expert in European Court of Human Rights

Georgiaís public defender Giorgi Tughushi will be questioned in the European Court of Human Rights as an expert on 4 February informs 24 Hours.

Tughushi has materials on the mass deportation of ethnic Georgians from Russia in 2006.

ĒWe have materials in the archive, the former public defender of Georgia contacted the Russian ombudsman and addressed international organizations. We have materials regarding human rights' violations of deported people by Russia, police and the emigration service. Several cases concern violations of 12-14-years-old childrenís rights, they were separated from their parents, distributed to various institutions. There is also an assessment of Georgian psychiatrists about inhumane conduct and physical abuse,Ē Tughushi said.

He explains that he received an official letter from the European Court of Human rights about his invitation several weeks ago.

The European Court of Human Rights has been hearing the Georgia vs Russia case on its second day. Russian witnesses are being questions. Witnesses from the Georgian side have already been questioned. Matyas Eorsi is among the experts to be questioned at the end of the four-day hearings.