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How would you assess reforms in penitentiary system and do you agree with prisoners having an opportunity for long term visitations?

Friday, February 4
“Reforms are required in the system as for a long time there were no changes in the system, especially during the governance of the former authorities. To say the truth, I have little information on the reforms ongoing in the ministry; it would be better for society to be more informed on the issue. I have just heard on long term visitations and think it would be good for the prisoners, especially for under age ones.”
Giorgi, PR Manager, 28

“If the Minister carries out all reforms she is talking about, it would be good. However it would be better if there were not so many imprisoned people in the country. At the same time, it is important to pland and undertake reforms carefully, using appropriate examples.”
Nugzar, Historian, 52

“I have no information on what reforms are ongoing in the Ministry, however my attitude on long term visitations is positive, as I know several families which were destroyed due meeting only briefly and rarely.”
Natia, Social worker, 24

“Yes I think the prisoners should obviously have an opportunity to see their family members and become better aware of their mistakes.”
Anna, Interpreter, 22

”Unfortunately our Government has been "selling" each individual services for particular amounts of money. I mean why should family members pay even GEL 60 to see their relatives? It's senseless in a country with a state budget of GEL 1 billion (as our President loves to say)”
Levan, Sociologist, 44

”Georgia's internal policy is becoming more vague because everything in our country is associated with money. It is definitely wonderful for people to see their husbands, fathers, sons for a long time, to share their problems and discuss the plans for the future.”
Ia, Teacher, 28

“I am not very aware about the reforms; however what I heard and saw on TV sounds very good. It is very important the prisoners have human conditions, and have an opportunity to meet his or her family members at least a couple of times a year is absolutely necessary. I like this initiative of the ministry.”
Tako, PR specialist, 25

“I think not many prisoners and their families will be able to afford the price for long term visitations – GEL 60 for many Georgians is quite a big sum. I think the government should consider lowering the price for these visits.”
Marina, unemployed, 54

“Why not? Prisoners are human beings as well and they should be treated as humans. It would be even better if the long term visitations were held more frequently than 2-3 times a year.”
Dato, distributor, 31