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Water and wine export increases

By Messenger Staff
Monday, February 7
In 2010 exports of wine and mineral waters (sparkling and still) from Georgia increased. And while wine exports have not yet reached the 2006 level when Russia imposed an embargo on these products and businessmen were forced to start looking for new markets, water exports are now at the 2006. Altogether Georgia exported in excess of 59 million litres of (still and sparkling) mineral water in 2006 at a value of USD 33 million. 2010 water exports are twice that of 2009 and Georgian wine sales also increased in 2010 compared with last year. Wine makers are also predicting a further 20% increase this year. Prior to 2006 Georgia exports to Russia accounted for 70% of its agricultural products, 80 % of its wine and 60% of its mineral water.