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Do you believe that Russia might give back any occupied regions of Georgia?

Monday, February 7
“I think that it is unlikely, as Russia will never give up Abkhazia or South Ossetia, as these territories are needed for it to better control the situation in the Caucasus.”
Gia, Engineer, 28

“To my mind it depends on international policy. If the international community makes Russia concede in this direction in exchange for something more profitable for Russia, they will do it.”
Nikoloz, Painter, 52

“I think that Russia will give up South Ossetia more easily if it gets something more profitable in exchange. However not Abkhazia, which, for a number of reasons Russia needs more.”
Giorgi, Historian, 45

“I think Russia has been proving the opposite for the last 20 years. Having lost Abkhazia I doubt that we will ever manage to regain our lost territories despite all the internal and international mobilisation.”
Irma, Student, 19

“Russia and Georgia are just like a cat and dog. Do you believe in their friendship? I think both sides have made lots of mistakes on an international level and they can’t change their statements made at various global conferences. How can we hope to get back any of our seized territories when the sides even refuse to sit at one round table?”
Ilia, Doctor, 34

“I have experienced all the terror of wars in our country during the last twenty years. Being a refugee from our so much beloved Abkhazia I have become a double refugee by the recent Government for “illegal occupation of the state-owned building.” How do you think I feel nowadays? I have lost hope in everything but God and I hope that one day by some miracle he will return us back to our homes!”
Nugzar, Pensioner, 68