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EU supports NABUCCO

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 9
On February 4 2011 at the EU energy summit in Brussels it was decided to create a common integrated energy market. According to this decision from 2015 no EU country should be isolated from the transport network of natural gas or electricity and there should be no threat to energy security in any of the EU countries. Consumers of natural gas and electricity networks should finance the project. In addition some projects will need extra financing, such as the united energy system of Poland with the Baltic countries and Slovakia. During 2011 EU countries need to prepare and submit a list of projects which will require EU assistance. The EU also aims to optimise energy efficiency and to decrease energy consumption by 20% by 2020. Poland also proposed that all EU member states have a minimum of two sources of energy supply.

EU supports the so called southern corridor which envisages the creation of the NABUCCO gas pipeline transporting natural gas from the Caspian basin to the central Europe via Turkey. Energy imports into EU countries will be coordinated; the biggest partners will be Norway, Russia, Iran and some Middle Eastern countries.