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Wednesday, February 9
About what Saakashvili will talk to MPs?

Akhali Taoba writes that Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia will address Parliament with the annual report on 11 February. The MPs discussed the format of the presidential address at cabinet sitting on Monday.

Thus, according to the Cabinet’s decision, after the Presidential speech, Parliament will listen to speeches by the party Chairpersons, the leaders of the parliamentary majority and minority and MPs wishing to make statements.

David Bakradze, the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia stated that Parliamentary regulations strictly regulate the issues of the annual presidential report and MPs speeches concerning the report. However, in accordance with established tradition, it would be good, if everyone who wishes to delivers a speech and participates in the debates. David Bakradze expressed hope that the debates will be as good, constructive and critical, as last previous year.

The Cabinet also discussed legislative initiatives and organisational issues. Labour Party MPs still continue their political boycott and they do not intend to attend the Parliament sessions, therefore, they addressed the Speaker of the Parliament with the respective statement.

Leaders of the parliamentary opposition will discuss different topics. The Opposition will highlight the necessity for the democratic development of the country, human rights protection and court independence as well as developing the agricultural sector sphere, and economic and social problems including recent price rises.

Electricity vouchers to be granted

Electricity vouchers will be issued from February 10, 24 Hours reports. The statement was made at a regular briefing by the President’s Press Speaker Manana Manjgaladze. According to the Press Speaker, Georgia’s Ministries of Energy and Healthcare have been working on the issue. “This is a modest governmental assistance to the population and we hope that it will make the inflation process a little bit lighter for them,” Manjgaladze said.

Georgia’s government will grant 20 GEL vouchers to every single family within the sidelines of anti-crisis efforts. According to the information, population will be allowed to pass their own vouchers to others.