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Do you trust the quality of the food production in Georgia?

Wednesday, February 9
“It is always hard to judge before you try. The products produced in Georgia which I have tried are normal. I cannot say that they are very good, but at least they are sold at affordable prices. However, I usually refrain from buying Georgian butter, because it is simply awful.”
Lela, Accountant, 52

“I usually buy tomato paste and dairy products produced in Georgia and they are quite good. I think the hardest thing is to find good bread in here. This is a real problem.”
Keti, Unemployed, 32

“Of course I prefer to buy foreign products, which are definitely of much higher quality than the Georgian ones, however I can’t really afford to pay double price for most of the imported goods. So I don't have much choice.”
Medea, Pensioner, 71

“There is some food produced in Georgia I really trust, like milk products. There are several Georgian companies, whose production in this field is really liked by me and my family members. In general, it would be better for there to be more control of the quality of products made in Georgia as well as on those, which are being imported in the country.”
Natia, Economist, 42

“Well, I cannot say that I trust the quality of all the products made within the country, however there are some companies, which performing well and step by step, products produced in Georgia are improving. It is a very bad thing that Georgians do not have trust in Georgian products and think that imported ones are better. For this attitude to be eradicated, the state and local companies should work on quality and popularisation of their production.”
Nodar, Sociologist, 26

“To my mind there are a lot of shortcomings in this field. I do not believe in the quality of products which are made in Georgia. I think that most companies do not use natural means while making their products and are cheating people.”
Tamar, Manager, 31

“I doubt in the quality of any products made in Georgia because I have come across lots of violations concerning the state of milk, bread, even eggs... It is really embarrassing that products from our daily ration are not properly controlled by the special services. The same concerns medicine: I bought pills for a cough which tasted more like candy and had absolutely no effect on my sore throat.”
Lali, Doctor, 45

“Well as the constant user of products made on our local market I would say that I really find them good. Barambo, Gurieli tea, drinks produced by the Georgian technology seem to have high quality and great taste. That's why me and my friends prefer them to the foreign brands.”
Anano, Economist, 24

“I think there are a few products that are made on a completely a Georgian basis. I mean we have hardly any chocolate, lemonade, or bread factories. Moreover no one knows whether the raw materials they are made from are really Georgian or foreign. Agriculture and industry need serious improvements; if the government encourages the peasants to produce completely local products everything in our country will be of ideal quality.”
Niko, Sociologist, 28