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Black Sea circle motorway

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, February 10
The idea of a motorway circling round the Black Sea is becoming viable. The motorway will be 7000 km long, passing through 10 countries. The major routes and connecting roads will be passing through Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria,Serbia,Albania and Greece. However certain difficulties have appeared already. Since Armenia is occupying certain Azeri territories the latter does not want any connections with Armenia. Azeris think that If Armenia is linked with the project then Azerbaijan will take away its signature.

It is considered that the countries which signed the agreement should be cooperating. Finances will be allotted by states and private sectors. It is also possible that different EU foundations and other international financial organizations will become involved.

It is not yet known how the issue of Abkhazia will be tackled in the project. Georgia considers it as part of Georgia, whereas Russia and the separatist region claim independence. It is likely that this will cause some serious problems.