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Thursday, February 10
Bread Price Increased in Georgia

The price of bread has increased by 10 tetris in Georgia. Manufacturers say that it is a result of the price of flour increasing. Some manufacturers have maintained the old prices; however they reduced the weight of their bread. ‘Our factory increased its price by 8-10 tetris, while some factories have reduced the weight of their bread’, the Director of the 4th bread factory told InterPressNews. (InterPressNews)

Journalists Demand To Be Admitted To Prisons

A group of Georgian journalists has sent a letter to the Minister of Correction and Legal Assistance of Georgia Khatuna Kalmakhelidze with a demand to be admitted to places of imprisonment with the purpose of becoming acquainted with prison conditions.

The press service of the social movement "Solidarity with illegal prisoners" stated about it on February 9.

"We demand to allow journalists to visit prisons in Rustavi, Gldani and Ksani in order to study the real situation on the spot and to obtain objective information. Journalists will meet with the detainees and check the incoming information," - the report says..

The Ministry of Correction and Legal Assistance of Georgia has not yet made comments in this regard. (Prime-News)

Georgia Has Ratified Agreement With UAE On Double Taxation Avoidance

Parliament has ratified an agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on double taxation avoidance in respect of capital and income.

According to the document, one of the main conditions to attract investment into the country and the expansion of economic relations is the agreement on avoidance of double taxation with respect to capital and income as well as the prevention of cases of non-payment of taxes with countries which are attractive to Georgia from an economic point of view.

The UAE is one of the biggest investors in Georgia. UAE companies have invested about one billion USD into Georgia. (Prime-News)

Georgian Ambassador Presents Credentials to President of Republic of Korea

In the city of Seoul, the Ambassador of Georgia, Revaz Beshidze presented his credentials to the President of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Lee Myung-bak .

The President of the Republic of Korea reiterated the support for the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Georgia. The Korean side emphasized that Georgia is a key country connecting Europe and Asia and its strategic importance for the region and for the Republic of Korea in particular. The President also expressed support for the promotion of further bilateral cooperation between Georgia and the Republic of Korea.

Ambassador Beshidze expressed his gratitude to the President and to the people of the Republic of Korea for their support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. Both sides expressed hope that friendly Georgia-Korea relations will be further deepened and developed. (InterPressNews)

Russian Vessel Arrested For Pollution Of Georgia’s Black Sea Water Area

Dry cargo NARUKSOVO, sailing under the Russian flag, has been arrested for pollution in Georgia’s Black Sea area of Poti.

Border police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia reported about it on February 9.

In respect of the ship's captain Peter Ushakov, the Article 58 of the Code of Administrative Offences - pollution of the sea from the ship - stipulates a fine of GEL 5,000, has been applied.

The case will be considered by the court. (Prime-News)

Gudiashvili’s yet unknown painting discovered

A new painting by famous Georgian artists of the 20th century Lado Gudiashvili was discovered in the basement of the Youth Spectators’ Theatre in Tbilisi.

The painting is based on social – revolutionary motives and it was so far unknown to Georgian culture.

The painting is entitled ‘Festivity at the river bank’ and it was purchased by the theatre in 1950 but was never exhibited.

The real masterpiece of the world-known Georgian artist has been handed over to the Cinema and Theatre Museum of Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

Lawyer found dead in his apartment

Lawyer Avtandil Chachua was found dead in his apartment yesterday morning. Crime experts are working in the apartment to identify the cause of death, which they presume might be suicide.

The neighbours said they did not hear any suspicious noise from his flat last night. They describe Chachua as a very respectable person. (Rustavi 2)