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Thursday, February 10
Virus infected patients increased

The number of patients infected with a-typical viruses has increased by several tens during the past two days, 24 Hours reports.

The National Centre of Disease Control has registered about 400 patients with the symptoms of viral infections, 200 of which suffer from H1N1 as the laboratory analysis shows. However, the growth of the viral infections in these two days does not cause concern for doctors, who say the critical period has passed as well as the danger of pandemics.

Quarantine has again been imposed in Iashvili clinic because of the H1N1 virus.

71 patients infected with the virus have been treated in the clinic since January. 12 out of them are currently being treated at the clinic. One of the patients is in a critical condition.

Keda and Shuakhevi regions of Adjara isolated

Due to heavy snow, contact with 40 villages of Khulo district of Georgia’s Adjara region is not possible. Scores of poultry and cattle were killed because of cold and heavy weather. According to Khulo Governor Ramaz Bolkvadze, road clearing efforts are now under way, and electricity has already been restored to most of the villages. Over 50 families from Khulo have been evacuated to more secure districts of the region. Studies have been suspended in the Khulo and Shuakhevi schools.

As a result of the landslide in mountain regions of Adjaria (West Georgia) one man was injured, dwelling houses were destroyed and Keda and Shuakhevi regions were left isolated.

Power supply was cut off in the disaster area and traffic movement on the main highway is being blocked.