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What do you think additional military force to be sent in Afghanistan?

Thursday, February 10
“I am against this. I think that we have already sent enough soldiers to peace missions and several Georgians have already been killed in others’ wars. I think that what has happened is enough.”
Giorgi, Historian, 34

“As far as I know, that region, where Georgian soldiers are being sent is the most dangerous one. I agree in Georgia’s participation in peace missions, but I do not agree that Georgia should send more military forces to such regions, than other countries. Everything should be balanced.”
Nika, Manager, 28

“I have a controversial attitude regarding the issue, on one hand it is useful for the country, as Georgian soldiers would get important military knowledge and would be aware of modern war technologies, on the other hand, Georgian soldiers are being killed there and it has a negative effect on our quite unacceptable demographic reality.”
Nino, Sociologist, 45

What is important is who would be sent there, when I listened to the President’s statements a month ago, he talked of sending instructors there, if such category of people are sent there, I am not against, as they do not participate in assaults, as for the soldiers, I do not think that sending more soldiers there is a good idea.
Lado, political scientist, 24

I think that participation in peace missions is very important for our international image, it is one of the reasons that the West and the United States especially support us. Thus, I think that Georgian soldiers should take part in such missions, which is very important for the country interests.
Levam Economist, 38

It has no meaning if I support this attitude or not, if such decisions are made by the authorities, they will do this and will not take the public attitude into consideration. In general, I consider that our soldiers should not be killed in Afghanistan or Iraq, they are not our wars, we have our enemy and in case of military need, the best soldiers would not be in the country.
Tamar, Teacher, 53