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Friday, February 11
Nodar Khaduri: alongside with increase of prices, pensions decrease for 25%

The prices in Georgia increased for the last year, while pensions decreased by 25%. Nodar Khduri, economics expert said at the meeting with Christian Democrats in Parliament.

"Now a pensioner for 90 GEL can buy as many food products as he was able to buy for 65 GEL year ago, "- Khaduri said. The 20 GEL energy voucher is of no assistance for them. It would be better to distribute this money for bread bakers to allow them to buy wheat before it was too late, before prices have increased. He said in such cases the price for wheat supply would be fixed and, accordingly, it would not increase. (GHN)

Bank manager arrested for money extortion

The Constitutional Security Department of the Interior Ministry has arrested the manager of the Batumi branch of Korstandard Bank, Irakli Zambakhidze, on suspicion of bribery. Reportedly, Zambakhidze extorted $15,000 from an entrepreneur for assisting him in acquiring a bank loan.

The crime is punishable by up to nine years' imprisonment. The investigation is in progress. (Rustavi 2)

Somali Pirates to Release Georgians Presumably by the End February

The 15 Georgian sailors captured by Somali pirates are set to be released by the end of month. InterPressNews was told about it by Sergo Devadze, father of one of the hostages.

He says that negotiations are under way between the pirates and the lawyer of the ship’s owner company. The lawyer guarantees that the pirates will release them by the end of February.

“The Greek Company’s lawyer told us about it. He guaranteed that the men will be freed shortly,” Devadze said.

Somali pirates took 15 Georgian sailors hostage, along with 3 Turkish sailors. (Interpressnews)

New type of handmade drug causes concerns

A new type of hand-made drug is causing concern for medics. ‘Niangi’, a dangerous drug, which is prepared of cheap medicines and a toxic substance ‘krot’, a sewage system detergent emerged in Georgia recently.

Psycho analysts fear that the new drug will become popular among minor drug addicts, because it is easily made and its ingredient drugs are available in Georgia’s drug stores. The drug may have a lethal outcome if overdosed. (Rustavi 2)

Labour Party vs. Single-mandate MP institution in parliament

The Georgian Labour party calls for the abolition of the majority (single-mandate) MP institute in Georgian parliament. Shalva Natelashvili, the leader of the party held a briefing in this regard today and said that each ‘illegal decision’ proposed by the government of Georgia was adopted with the support of the single-mandate MPs.

Natelashvili says his party begins an intensive campaign with the demand to abolish single-mandates in parliament. He calls upon the voters to oust the ‘betrayer’ single-mandate MPs from their offices and regions.

Labour party leader plans to announce the details of the campaign soon. (Rustavi 2)

Sitution In Khulo District Of Adjaria Is Difficult Due To Heavy Snow

A study process was suspended in Khulo region of Adjaria due to heavy snow.

The snow cover in mountainous Adjara has reached three meters. From the morning of February 10 it was heavily snowing in Khulo district and roads leading to the villages are paralized. The power supply was also cut off to the population on February 10.

As a result of the inclement weather, over 50 families from Khulo district were evacuated to more secure places, about one hundred houses were damaged, cattle killed and a study process suspended in the region.

Heavy snow has inflicted serious damage to the mountain districts of Adjaria and special commission was established in this regard. (Prime-News)

The Ukrainians will be able to query Saakashvili

Readers will be able to put questions to Georgia’s President Saakashvili within the frameworks of the joint project conducted by the Ukrainian Internet publication “” and “Correspondent” weekly. According to, the project aims at enabling the readers to put questions to well-known politicians, public figures and show business representatives.

Interested individuals should send their queries at pointing out their names, surnames and address. Saakashvili’s responses will be published in the next Correspondent edition. (Interpressnews)

38 Churches Transferred to “Abkhazian Orthodox Church” in Unlimited Use

8 churches and temples have been transferred to the “Abkhazian Orthodox Church”, Apsni Press reports. The Agency publicizes the list of those monuments that the Abkhazetian Church has received charge-free. The list includes Ilori Church after St. George, New Atoni Monastery after Simon Kananeli, Kamani Monastery after Ioane Okropiri.

Sukhumi’s de-facto regime ordered the Division of Historical-Cultural Heritage Protection to sign an agreement with Abkhazeti’s Church. (Interpressnews)

Georgian Beats Armenia 2:1

The Georgian national football team has beaten Armenia 2-1 in a friendly match in Cyprus.

The Georgian national football team will hold 6 European championship qualification matches in 2011. The first game of which will be against Croatia in Tbilisi in March. (Rustavi 2)