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Monday, February 14
Rugby: Georgia 60 - Spain 0

The Georgian rugby team beat Spain 60:00 in the Mikheil Meskhi stadium. Georgia will host Portugal for the next match in the European rugby 2011 championship.

Russian Ship pays GEL 5000 fine

Dry cargo ship NARUKSOVO, sailing under the Russian flag and arrested for polluting Georgia’s Black Sea water area of Poti, has already paid the 5000 GEL fine to Georgia, reported the border police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia on February 10.

According to the Border police the ship was detained on February 8 and fined GEL 5,000 due to Article No 58 of the Code of Administrative Offences for sea pollution.

The ship’s captain Peter Ushakov paid the fine and has been permitted to continue sailing.

Alasania visits Great Britain

Following a visit to Washington where he met representatives of the White House, State Department, Senate and Congress, the leader of the movement “Our Georgia-Free Democrats” Irakli Alasania arrived in London as part of a visit to the UK.

According to his party’s press service of the party, he delivered a speech at Chatham House during which he talked of power change in Georgia through elections.

After the speech, Alasania commented that the UK supports the qualitative change in the electoral environment in Georgia in order to enable Georgian citizens to make their own free choice, resulting in a constitutional and peaceful change of power in the country through elections to be held in 2012-2013.

As part of his visit to Great Britain Alasania met with MPs and had meetings at the UK’s Foreign Ministry.

Hope that the Patriarch will preach in Abkhazia

“Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Illia ll is preparing for a visit to his historic eparchy – Abkhazia,” Bishop Jacob said in his Sunday sermon at Trinity cathedral.

“I talked to his Holiness yesterday. He misses Georgia. He had important meetings in Great Britain. He met with the Queen and the meeting was very fruitful. These meeting are important for preparing for a visit to Abkhazia. We hope Illia ll will soon deliver a sermon in his historic eparchy,” Bishop Jacob said.

Speaker gives his electricity voucher to a family of pensioners

Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, Davit Bakradze handed over his electricity voucher to a family of pensioners yesterday. The government has allocated funds for 20-Gel vouchers for each subscriber who consumed more than 200 kWh electricity during the past six months.

Davit Bakradze visited the family of Professor Dimitri Goguadze and made a special statement. He called upon all lawmakers and representatives of the executive government to do the same and begin a large-scale activity of assisting pensioners and the vulnerable by presenting them with vouchers.
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Murder suspect attempts suicide

A murder and a suicide attempt has been reported from the city of Gori. A military serviceman, Joni Kochkhiani has been taken to Gori hospital with an injury in his head. The officer shot himself after the murder, in which he is suspected at this stage of investigation. Kochkhiani is reportedly suspected of killing a corporal, Keti Kakhniashvili, 29. The investigation presumes the motive of the murder might have been jealousy. Other details of the murder have not yet been released.
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Education Ministry, GTF sign cooperation memorandum

Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkin and President of the Georgian Tennis Federation Leila Meskhi signed a memorandum of cooperation at Tbilisi Experimental School ¹1. The memorandum aims at promoting a healthy life style among school children and the introduction of tennis classes at public schools.

The event was also attended by the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, Lado Varzelashvili and Deputy Minister David Namgalauri.

The introduction of tennis classes in schools will contribute to the development and popularisation of Georgian Tennis and will enhance children’s performance in sports.

From this academic year amendments were introduced to the national curriculum and physical culture lessons were replaced by sports classes. Sports classes have become more engaging for school children.

During the first stage, only a few Tbilisi schools will be selected for the Georgian Tennis Federation to teach tennis and train of teachers. The Federation will also provide these schools with the necessary equipment and organise competitions.
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