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Monday, February 14
Unified Database for Georgia’s Healthcare System

A unified information database will be created for Georgia’s healthcare system, 24 Hours reports. A presentation on the project held at the Radisson hotel was attended by the healthcare Minister Andria Urushadze, USAID’s Caucasian Mission Director Jonathan Cole and representatives of the healthcare sector.

The new database focuses on facilitating information exchange between every part of the healthcare system and the improvement in the quality of medical treatment for patients. The database will involve medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and the ruling bodies of the healthcare system. In addition the database will include all types of information about patients including results of laboratory analyses. The creation of the modern information database will start this year with the support of USAID.

Energy Vouchers for Active Subscribers

Georgia’s Energy Minister Alexander Khetaguri and Healthcare Minister Andria Urushadze held a press conference last week regarding the delivery of 20 GEL-value energy vouchers, 24 Hours reports. According to Khetaguri, the global economic crisis has affected commodity prices in Georgia. Thus the government has decided to ease the harmful effects via its anti-crisis measures.

The vouchers will be given to everyone countrywide starting today. “The assistance will be somewhat modest from the government and is intended to improve the social situation a bit,” Khetaguri stated.

20 million GEL has been allocated in total for the vouchers which will be given to over a million subscribers. Urushadze said that the distribution process will be conducted by 2500 Social Service Agency workers. Interested individuals will be able to get the necessary information via a hotline at the Healthcare Ministry. Vouchers will be granted to so-called active customers having consumed 200 kWh electricity during the last 6 months.