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Did you watch the President’s annual report? What do you think of it and the following debates?

Monday, February 14
“It was Comedy Club! I would assess the parliamentary debates as a disgrace of parties and disrespect of Georgian people of both the ruling party and pseudo-opposition, whose slide shows were renegotiated. I believe that the Georgian public, which has to carry a heavy socio-economic burden, does not deserve such unserious treatment.”
Meri, Housewife, 56

“I watched only half of it and as soon as I realised it was going to be the same empty words that we hear every other week from him, I stopped watching it and changed the channel.”
Lado, Student, 24

“I did not hear anything new. He is good at making speeches and giving promises but year upon year his promises are left on paper and never realised. This is frustrating.”
Inga, Economist, 52

“I think the opposition is currently very weak and the debates are more simulation than real debates and nothing else. I was expecting more focus on inflation, which is a huge problem right now for us.”
Keti, Music Teacher, 40

“I did not watch it; I had no time for it. However I have seen some fragments in the news programmes. I have the impression that the opposition was not prepared accordingly for the debates.”
Giorgi, Manager, 31

“I watched some of the debates and it was really very funny. I did not have any impression that it was the annual report of the President of the country; it was like a comedy and side show.”
Tekla, Student, 19

“I did not watch it; it had no meaning to my mind. All the time our authorities repeat one and the same thing and it is not interesting for me, when there is totally different situation and reality in the country.”
Davit, Economist, 43

“I watched all of the “show” and smiled at the traditional sarcasm of our President. There were lots of interesting statements made and arguments given by the opposition spectrum revealing the totalitarian regime of our Government but Saakashvili still succeeded with his rhetoric.”
Lali, Doctor, 48

“I didn't watch the President’s annual report on air but I can imagine how self-confident he would have been. Moreover the United National Movement has a very “unanimous” team and the team-mates always support the President even in his nonsenses.”
Tamuna, Interpreter, 24

“I had such feeling as if I was watching comedy show sketches. It was fun but it shouldn’t have been like this, as long as politics is serious topic itself.”
Sophio, Journalist, 23

“I think the President’s annual report to Parliament was another level of his successful game. I mean we are all so used to his promises and constant rejection of the real truth... Opposition MPs have really proved their independence and impartiality to public and I hope if they continue fighting Saakashvili’s regime with the same power they will manage to consolidate. A United opposition supported by people will manage everything!”
Mamuka, Scientist, 56