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Will the 20 GEL electricity voucher and GEL 30 food voucher be a relief for your family budget?

Tuesday, February 15
“If we take into the account that you spend GEL 30 in the market and the products you have bought for that money is hardly enough to make a dinner, then no, of course it will not be any relief for my 6-person family. Instead of this PR campaign, I would prefer our government to work seriously on how to solve the problem of inflation.”
Mzevi, Lawyer, 38

“I have not received any of these vouchers yet. I don’t know how this system works. I don’t think it would be a huge relief. However I will not decline receiving them. Better than nothing at all.”
Nunu, Teacher, 56

“Certainly it will be a relief, any kind of assistance is a relief in conditions of economic problems, however I am far from the idea that these vouchers will solve the hardships that we the ordinary Georgian population are facing right now.”
Gia, Unemployed, 60

“I think that it was a good decision from the authorities’ side. I live with my wife and my little son, thus our monthly electricity fee is about GEL 30 and it will be a good assistance this month. As for the food voucher, for one day, it is good, as food has become so expensive, my one visit to the shop really costs GEL 30 and more.”
Davit, Musician, 26

“A bit of a relief. The cost of electricity is very high, especially in winter as my family uses it for heating. At the same time, the authorities have increased the communal fees, meaning water and cleaning, thus this assistance will be really helpful for us.”
Nugzar, Worker, 51

“At least GEL 200 is needed for me to cover my monthly communal fees and nearly GEL 20 for to have specially needed food at home. Prices are really catastrophic, when there is such poor economic situation in the country. Why should I thank to the authorities for this, it is their fault we are living in such conditions.”
Gela, Painter, 54

“I am thankful for this assistance; it is sign that the Government thinks about its people. I hope that it will not be just a one time assistance and the authorities will make such kinds of decisions in the future.”
Maka, Cashier, 34

“It’s good that the authorities have made such a step; it will be a bit of relief for me. I will save GEL 50 and with this money I can make a little present for my children.”
Nodar, Unemployed, 32