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Armenians sceptical about a United Caucasus

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 16
Armenian political analyst Mikhail Minasian thinks it is unrealistic to create a political union between Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Minasian commented upon the initiative President Saakashvili aired during his meeting with the Turkish Foreign Minister. Ignoring political unity possibilities Minasian also thinks that the chance of creating a united economic space is also minimal and suggested that bilateral relationships between Georgia and Armenia, and Georgia and Azerbaijan are more likely. Through such relationships Georgia can assume a leading role, taking advantage of its geographical location and communicative skills, but only for economic integration, not in other areas. Commenting on Saakashvili’s initiative, Armenian analysts think that because of the deadlock in relations with Russia, Saakashvili is trying to promote the idea of a political confederation to increase the role of Georgia in the region.