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Wednesday, February 16
National Movement to divide into to camps

In his interview with Akhali Taoba republican member Davit Zurabishvili says that the recently released speculation that the National Movement is dividing into two camps is not true, and it is a utopia. According to news released Levan Ramishvili, Giga Bokeria and Kakha Bendukidze are establishing a new political party which in the future will replace the ruling national movement in future.

“If such a political party will be really established it will be done following Saakashvili’s consent. A party which unites the most unpopular faces of the authorities will not have any chance in the elections even if they are in the opposition. They will just exist because Saakashvili will give them money and support them. But if they are going to join opposition groups, those party leaders will be arrested immediately. They will arrest Bendukidze and people will not protest. That’s why I am saying that independently they will never establish a new political party unless they have Saakashvili’s order and support,” Zurabishvili says.

Commenting on President Saakashvili and his future plans, the republican leader said that Saakashvili will not leave either in 2013 or 2033. “His wish is to be here until he is dead,” he said. According to Zurabishvili Saakashvili knows that the situation will not change for the better this year or in the years 2012-13, which is why the president postponed time and spoke about the tasks to be accomplished by 2015 during his speech at parliament last week. “Next year we will have parliamentary elections when there will be talks about what has been done, and then he will say that many things will be done by 2015. With such statement he avoids his responsibilities,” Zurabishvili commented.

Unique book discovered

The Prosecutors’ Office of Tbilisi has presented a unique bibliographic edition to the Illia Chavchavadze national library, 24 Hours reports.

HISTORIE DE L’ART (History of Art) was issued in Paris in 1823 and there are just a few copies throughout the world. Hence the HISTORIE DE L’ART will become an interesting scientific source for art researchers in the national library.

“We were searching for some documents while investigating the case of state theft, when we found the six volumes of the History of Art published in 1823 in Paris, France. As the specialists have explained to us, this is a unique edition and we are glad to have a chance to present these books to the National Library of Georgia,” representatives of the Prosecutor’s office said.

The Library administration thanked the law enforcers for their discovery, saying the books will be great help for scholars.