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All political sides debate new Georgian security concept

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, February 17
Non parliamentary opposition will be involved in the discussion of a new security concept- Parliament Speaker; Davit Bakradze suggested participation in the discussions towards the opposition, on February 15. The response from certain non parliamentary opposition factions has been positive. New Rights and republicans have already delivered their remarks and points they wish to see in the adopted version of the document.

The economic challenges standing against the country must be reflected in the document- leader of New Rights, Davit Gamkrelidze, said, “we think that the occupation of Georgian territories from the Russian side, has created a new reality in the country and we agree that this issue needs to be reflected in the document, however the present economic situation in Georgia, inflation process, economic stagnation and unemployment, together with deficit of democracy must be represented in the concept too.“ Gamkrelidze is sure that a realistic approach to the problems would enable the authorities to avoid a deepening economic crisis in the country, social rebellion and destabilization.

Paying more attention to domestic threats has been suggested by the Republicans, as, according to them, very often domestic threats function as a catalyst to external threats, “We think, that this document, among other issues, should also reflect a clear vision about how we should create and maintain democratic institutions, which will secure free and fair political competition and protect the country from social and political cataclysms. If there is not free concurrence and an opportunity to change the authority trough free elections, the country will permanently stand under the threat of destabilization, “ Leader of Republican Party, Davit Usupashvili, said.

NGOs and Georgian analysts have also fixed their visions regarding the document. Issues of Environment protection should be written within the document, representative of NGO Green Alternative, Irakli Macharashvili mentioned that, “ according to UN analysts, the first threat of the world are wars between the states , the second threat is civil wars and the third is Environment protection, inflectional diseases and poverty. Based on this, it would be a positive move if this issue was reflected in the document.”

Russia should be named as Georgia’s enemy in the document, analyst, Nika Chitadze considers, “it should be written down in the document that Russia is an aggressor and occupant country. It should be envisaged in the document that there are two occupied regions and threats of further aggression.“ according to fellow analyst, Irakli Sesiashvili , the word – enemy is not legal international formulation and thus it will not be used regarding Russia in the document, “ the document touches upon the threats and in this direction, Russia is assessed as the greatest threat to the country.” the analyst considers that the assessment of occupation of Georgian territories from Russia is right, “as Russia violated international norms , occupied other country and this occupation was also recognized by the western countries, it should also be reflected in the document with such formulation. “

According to the Parliament Speaker, Davit Bakradze, the document will be finally adopted by the end of this summer.