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Thursday, February 17
Gary Ksparov: I see Putin as a geopolitical danger

The best solution to "stop" Putin is to freeze his international bank accounts, Gari Kasparov, well known Russian oppositionist said, GHN reports. "When European leaders are asking about the possibilities of restoring control over this uncontrolled man (Vladimir Putin) I am replying: Putin has international bank accounts. Using these accounts, Russian oligarchs are buying companies and football teams in Europe. Europe can impose sanctions over such bank accounts of the Russian Prime Minister and, in doing so, give a clear message to all of Russia, "- Kasparov said during the lecture in the "European House" in Tbilisi.

The mere existence of Putin is a message to other dictators that aggression may lead to the victory.

"Putin is not a man who can appear on the first pages of journals such as the "Times". When I look at him I see the geopolitical challenges." (GHN)

Spanish Police Detains 15 Georgians

16 people thought to belong to an organized gang of robbers were arrested in Alcoy and Alicante, police have reported.

Police believe the gang specialized in breaking into homes and stealing their contents. They have been linked to at least 13 robberies at properties in Elche, Alcoy, Crevillente, Concertaina and Alcira (Valencia), reports.

Those arrested include the alleged robbers, accomplices and people who purchased the stolen goods. Fifteen are from Georgia and one from Ukraine.

During raids of six properties, police recovered a large number of electronic goods and jewellery, as well as tools used to break into the properties. At one of the properties searched, occupants tried to get rid of part of the loot by flushing items down the toilet, hiding the rest inside a washing machine which was switched on at the time.

The investigation was launched at the end of last year after three Georgian nationals were caught red-handed trying to break into a property in the Campoamor area.

Investigators discovered the three men allegedly belonged to an organized gang of thieves, based mainly in the Alcoy area. Some members of this gang were found to be targeting and robbing properties in Elche.

In October last year Alcoy police arrested one of the members of the gang attempting to sell jewellery stolen from an Alicante home.

This led to last week’s police swoop on the remaining alleged members of this gang. Police have not ruled out further arrests. (Interpressnews)

Irakli Alasania – Georgia’s PM Nika Gilauri Attempts to Block Opposition Meetings in US

Leader of Georgia’s “Free Democrats” Irakli Alasania blames Georgia’s PM Nika Gilauri in hampering the Opposition meetings in the US. “It has been revealed that Gilauri is calling various officials himself asking them not to meet with Georgian Opposition members”, Alasania says having returned from the US.

According to Alasania, Georgia’s government doesn’t want the political circles in the West to be provided with objective information and they are releasing data to them in compliance with their political interests.

Alasania stated that Senator McCain hadn’t been informed about the fact that the Constitution had been amended in Georgia. It got evident by the Senator’s query whether President Saakashvili is really going to change the Document.

“Georgia’s governmental activities are like childish infantilism – they ask the leaders not to meet us, getting adverse results in the end. I was astonished being told that during my previous visit to the US, Gilauri himself called the WB representatives telling them it would be misunderstood if they would meet me. It is both funny and offensive, as the PM should be busy doing a more important job”, Alasania said.

According to him, American political circles have got a true-to-life evaluation of the responsible political forces in Georgia and want to reach the political stabilization of the country via the reinforcement of proper relations. (Interpressnews)

Government proposes draft amendments to parliament

The Georgian government has submitted a new legislative initiative to parliament, which includes amendments to the Law on Education. The amendments will provide the involvement of teachers in the scheme of professional development. The participation in the program is voluntary for teachers.

The teachers, who want to join the Professional development Scheme, which in turn includes taking a special course of training, the teachers should have passed certification exams. In such cases, the teachers will collect credit scores, which will afterwards determine their professional category. The government proposes three categories of professional level of teachers, which will influence the amount of salaries.

The parliamentary committees will begin to discuss the proposal in a few days. (Rustavi 2)

Roads to Mountain Districts of Adjaria Blocked Up

As a result of heavy snow, roads to mountain villages of Adjaria are still blocked.

The Roads department brigades will begin the road clearing works as soon as it stops snowing and the weather improves.

Traffic movement is already free on the central highway from Batumi to Khulo district as well as in the direction of Khelvachauri and all mountainous villages of Kobuleti district.

As for other directions, movement on Tkibuli-Ambrolauri and Kobi-Gudauri highways is allowed only with anti-sliding chains. As for the traffic movement on Rikoti pass, this is also free. (Prime-News)