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Do you agree that Russia should be named as an “enemy” in Georgia’s new national security concept and, if so, do you think it will suspend the resumption of Georgian-Russian relations in future?

Thursday, February 17
“It will be a very big flaw in Georgia’s diplomacy. I hope the authorities will not listen to some of the politicians' advice in this respect. Although I am sure that Russia is our primary enemy, I would not like to burn all bridges of negotiations with Moscow.”
Alexandre, pensioner, 64

“It is an enemy and should be called an enemy. I don’t see any future for Russian-Georgian relations anyway. So better to let everyone know what we think and that we perceive Moscow as a threat, as an enemy. If Putin and Medvedev change their behavior, there is always a possibility to change the security concept wording.”
Levan, student, 23

“It is absolutely unacceptable. We should be able to speak as civilized people. We don’t want to be like the Kremlin, we want to be better than them. Only like this will we have our territories back.”
Dato, engineer, 40

“Russia is our enemy and it is known for all, it has occupied a very significant part of Georgian territory and this can not be regarded as friendly step. I think that Russia should be named as our enemy in the document; everything must be given its name.”
Goga, Sailor, 29

“I think it has no meaning, there are a lot of documents based on which Russia is regarded as the occupant and aggressor country, however it does not impose de occupation of our regions. Whether such things are written in the document or not, the reality is clear, we ale losing the most beautiful parts of Georgia and some active, practical and sensible steps are required to hasten the process and not the discussion from the politicians this word to be written down or not.”
Guliko, Journalist, 25

“I do not think it would be a sensible step from the Georgian side, when the country leaders are making statements that Georgia wants to improve its relations with Russia. If you are ready to have dialogue with Russia and at the same time, the next day, write down in one of the most important documents for the country, that Russia is an enemy, it is illogical, to my mind.”
Giorgi, Historian, 51

“Well, I think that yes, as it is reality and the Russian attitude is also known towards Georgia for everyone. I do not think that this will change anything in our relations, as it is impossible to have worse relations than Russia and Georgia has now.”
Guram, Student, 21

“I think we should refrain from using sharp synonyms even towards our enemies. If we say that it was Russia which first opened fire on the Georgian soldiers let them deal with the “occupant”. If we really want peace let us leave everyone alone and live our lives.”
Levan, Driver, 35

“I definitely think that we shouldn’t do so! It will be a subject of propaganda. Our Government should maximally refrain from provoking Russia especially if they want to keep the in ternational support.”
Irina, journalist, 23

“The Georgian National Security concept should be apt to ensure safety within our country. If the politicians are oriented on real safety let them introduce concepts and ways for ensuring real peace on the local and international level. Why do they need such old fashioned games I just wonder. Words can play a very negative role in Georgia’s cooperation with Russia and it may also become the basis for confrontation with the rest of the civilized world.”
Giorgi, Administrator, 29

"I agree with the idea, that Russia should be named as an "enemy" in Georgia's new national security concept. In my opinion, Georgia does not need to resume its relationship with Russia now, when this country is our enemy; if the situation changes in the future, this new national security concept will not be an obstacle in the relationship of these two countries."
Nino, Accountant, 22