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Friday, February 18
Japanese Parliament May Consider Issue Of Occupied Territories Of Georgia

According to the chairman of the parliamentary commission on the restoration of Georgia's territorial integrity Shota Malashkhia, the Japanese parliament may consider the issue of the occupied territories of Georgia.

Malashkhia met with Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan to Georgia Masayoshi Kamokhara on February 17. At the meeting the possibility of considering the issue of occupied Georgian territories by the Japanese parliament was discussed.

"It concerns the adoption of a resolution on occupied Georgian territories, adopted by the countries of Europe, EU, and is intended for adoption by the U.S. Congress.

"The Georgian side is ready to consider the issue of the occupied islands of Japan at Parliament," - said Malashkhia. (Prime-News)

John Bass: Civil Society Of Georgia Should Be Active In Dialogue With US Department Of State

Georgia's civil society should be active in dialogue with the US Department of State.

The U.S. Ambassador to Georgia, John Bass, made the statement at the end of a video conference held on the initiative of the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"We wish Georgian society to be active in dialogue with the U.S. Department of State in order to help in solving those problems and challenges that exist in Georgia at present" - said John Bass.

Representatives of Georgian non-governmental organizations participated in the video conference held at the US embassy to Georgia on February 16. (Prime-News)

Civil Acts Registration Procedures Simplified On Whole Territory of Georgia

Civil acts registration procedures will be simplified across the whole of Georgia from February 17.

Prime-News was told about it at the Civil Registration Agency of Georgia.

The procedure required for various civil acts registration will be simplified and will be able to implement at Civil Registration Agency’s any service on the territory of Georgia.

Names, changing surnames, divorce, child adoption or other procedures will be possible at Civil Registration Agency’s any service across the whole territory of Georgia. (Prime-News)

Woman in labour safely transported to hospital amid heavy snow

Rescuers managed to transport a woman in labour from the village of Mandaeti to the town of Sachkhere in Western Georgia yesterday. Due to heavy snow, tractors and heavy machinery were involved in the rescue operation.

Along with the rescuers, governor of Imereti Region also participated in the operation.

30-year-old Grdzelishvili`s health condition deteriorated on the way to hospital, although the rescuers managed to stabilize the patient`s condition.

Nino Grdzelishvili gave birth to her fourth child in Sachkhere hospital. They boy has been named Nikoloz and both mother and son are feeling well. (Rustavi 2)

Piloting of Primary Health Care Model in the penitentiary system begins

Piloting of the Primary Health Care Model in the penitentiary system of the country is underway in Georgia in accordance with a memorandum signed by the Ministry of Legal Assistance and Corrections, Health Care and the Red Cross International Committee yesterday.

The memorandum foresees the provision of medical treatment meeting international standards, qualification trainings to medical staff working in the first aid sector in accordance with the state program, improvement of medical service availability and its quality, registration of identified cases and prevention of diseases. (Rustavi 2)

German jouranlists shoot film to advertise Georgia`s tourism infrastructure

A new documentary film will be shown by one of Germany’s leading television stations, RTL, shortly.

German journalists arrived in Georgia five days ago and visited Tbilisi and two ski resorts – Gudauri and Bakuriani.

The 30-minute film aims to advertise the tourism infrastructure of Georgia and Poland.

RTL's crew was invited to Georgia by the National Agency of Tourism. The product will be sent back to the agency once it is ready for broadcast and the agency will be authorized to use it to broadcast Georgia's tourism capabilities. (Rustavi 2)