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Do you think there is a serious threat of social rebellion in Georgia?

Friday, February 18
“The threat is always there when people are upset about their living conditions. However, I don’t think that the threat is imminent. In my opinion the government is in control of the situation right now. I don’t expect any wide-scale protests or rebellion in Georgia right now.”
Soso, lecturer, 55

“No, I don’t think so, but if the inflation goes up and nothing is done about it, people might come out in the street. I am not sure if going out to protest will force the government to make real efforts to tackle this problem though.”
Bakar, distributor, 34

“We have no practice of holding popular protests without the involvement of any political parties, as happened in Egypt. As far as the opposition is quite discredited in Georgia, I don’t think anyone will follow their call to start demonstrations. I don’t think we will see any rebellion in Georgia any time soon.”
Dato, engineer, 52

“I think that such threat really exists in the country, taking the economic and social conditions of Georgian citizens into consideration. Most Georgians do not have means even to buy products of every day usage, as those products became very expensive. One day people will be fed up with such a situation and it would be very bad for the current authorities and unfortunately, for the country.”
Gia, Economist, 34

“It depends how the current authorities will act. If they go on rising up the prices and will not address the inflation process, this issue would become very real, in my opinion.”
Giorgi, Archeologist, 51

“I do not think that we need social rebellion. There is a worse situation in both the economic and social direction in more developed and powerful countries. I am sure that we can overcome our economic problems.”
Zaza, Policeman, 26

“Well, maybe people are unsatisfied about what is going on in the country economically and even politically, however there is not strong opposition in the country, which would consolidate those people , thus, at the present moment, I can not see such a threat in the country.”
Natia, Sociologist, 45