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What do you think about alternative methods of punishment, such as community service, for those who have committed a minor crime?

Monday, February 21
“I think it is a very good way of solving the problem of overcrowded prisons. I don’t think that everyone who does a minor crime should be put in prison.”
Natela, biologist, 50

“I think it would be great to implement this in practice. It is very common abroad and it works quite well. I support this idea 100 percent.”
Natia, lawyer, 25

“I wonder how the police will force Georgian guys to do community service works? The plan looks nice but does not sound realistic to me.

I cannot imagine this being implemented effectively in reality.”
Levan, driver, 40

"Well, I think that it is a positive decision, which works well in the foreign developed countries. I can not see anything negative and unacceptable in this decision."
Giorgi, Bank Employee, 28

"I do not know the mechanism of controlling those people, meaning prisoners, who would be engaged with such activities. The mechanism should be very effective and the prisoners should not have any opportunity to run, or to harm people. When I get more information regarding the issue, I will be able to make better conclusions."
Nugzar, Teacher, 35

"I welcome this decision, imprisoned people and those especially who committed small crimes should be involved in social activities. It would be a very positive step for their re-socialization after their imprisonment term expires."
Nutsa, Social worker, 25

I think it’s a very good idea indeed. Our Government doesn’t always suggest interesting initiatives but if they manage to balance and regulate the penitentiary system it would really be a positive innovation in the Georgian reality.
Guram, Doctor, 26

The socio-economical situation in our country has negatively affected the lives of young people. There have been lots of cases of detention for minor crimes. People suffering from hunger and cold often do things against the law but they shouldn’t be treated like those who commit serious crimes. That’s why I think it would be at least a kind gesture towards such people and an encouragement to their families. They should realize their faults against the society and never repeat the same mistakes.
Nino, Teacher, 35

Well as a person I would definitely welcome all the innovations aimed at easing the sentences of the prisoners but as a lawyer I would be somewhat hesitant... There are lots of manuals and codes in the legal system and each person should follow them. If the Georgian Government succeeds in creating a well-balanced plan for individual punishment it would definitely be good but I personally don’t trust them. Our Government has failed in lots of initiatives and that’s why I think the community service will remain part of their PR campaigns.
Veriko, Lawyer, 29

I don’t like the idea at all because I think that everyone should pay for their mistakes. I doubt that community service will encourage the criminals to stop committing crimes. I think they will, on the contrary, become more dangerous.
Tamuna, Interpreter, 22