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Are you content with the school reforms?

Tuesday, February 22
“Absolutely. I think that now the Georgian schools are closer to world standards than ever before. Of course there is a lot to do, particularly in terms of textbooks, but anyway, things are moving forward and it is very good.”
Lali, Economist, 42

“As a mother of three school children I can say that there are many problems in terms of education, however in terms of security schools have become much safer than before. I think it is very important that I am not afraid to let my children go to school. I used to be very worried before.”
Dali, Housewife, 38

“There are so many reforms carried out that it is hard, even impossible to follow. On TV they say that the reforms are brilliant. Heaven knows what is going on in reality.”
Alexandre, Pensioner, 65

“To tell the truth, I am really content and think that there have been several successful reforms carried out. Resource officers really play a very significant positive role in schools; the number of crimes among pupils has seriously reduced. I also welcome the school Olympiads.”
Giorgi, Geographer, 34

“From an administrative point of view, there have been some positive steps; meaning technical issues are better, more improved when compared to former years. However, our authorities forget that one of the best motivations is money; especially when there is such a hard economic condition in the country. It is not acceptable when you demand high level education, when the salary of the most teachers is GEL 250.”
Nia, Economist, 45

“I have little children and I can say that due to the reforms in schools I feel really calm as I am not afraid that someone might injure or kill my children. At the same time, I can get information on how my sons can study at school more easily. I also welcome modern technologies at schools.”
Nino, Doctor, 29

“There have been lots of changes within the educational system in recent times. I think there have really been some shortcomings within this field and the reforms should have been introduced gradually. I definitely understand that a strict approach can ensure better results in each sphere but let our Government remember that we are all co-citizens and we also have our rights. I mean the reforms in the 12th form, withdrawal of directors, etc.”
Elene, Housewife, 34

“Yes I do, but I think there are lots of things to be done within the educational system. The new examination system is not bad but the rapid changes may confuse a lot of students. Still I think secondary schools are the core of the educational system and need a careful approach. As a whole both sides, students and teachers should feel a responsibility for everything they do.”
Sophio, Interpreter, 23

“Well actually I’m not so familiar with all of the reforms within the educational system but I do not like the fact that all the schools are computerised and they do not use books any more. First of all it hurts the eyes and also children do not have a passion toward books; they do not read anything. It is very hurtful for me because the ignorance of books makes me very sad and angry.”
Nikoloz, Administrator, 26