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Consequences of natural calamities in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 23
Over the last several decades there have been a number of natural calamities resulting in some very dramatic results more than 3,000 towns, cities and villages have experienced significant damage, with around 4,000 families suffering. Almost every year Georgia around USD 100-150 million worth of damage is inflicted on Georgia. For example, in 2004 the country suffered losses of more than USD 300 million and since 1987 Georgia has lost more than 600 people due to natural calamities. More than 30 000 families were removed from places of natural calamities. The country has thousands of ecological migrants and while Georgia is trying to comfort those who have suffered as a result of these natural calamities there are few preventative measures, a lack of experience and limited financial resources. The country should have a clearly defined technical and economic plan to deal with the issues arising as a result of a natural calamity.