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In which position would you like to see Mikheil Saakashvili, after his presidential term expires?

Wednesday, February 23
“I would like to see him leaving the country. He can do whatever he wants outside Georgia. I don’t want Saakashvili or his slaves to remain in Georgia as soon as his term expires. We have had enough of them.”
Meri, Pensioner, 67

“I think he will not give up his powers so easily. He has amended the constitution so that he can enjoy extended rights as a Prime Minister after 2013. I would wish for him to stay away from political activities after his term in office expires, but I don’t really think it will happen.”
Guram, Engineer, 55

“I think he will carry on as a lecturer at some prestigious university abroad or as an employee of some international organisation. I don’t think he will carry on in Georgian politics after his second term.”
Inga, Teacher, 29

“I do not want to see him in politics at all when his presidential term expires. I hope that he will not take any official post after 2013; I do not want Russian and Egyptian examples to be repeated in the country.”
Giorgi, Historian, 43

“I am realist. As far as I know and based on the current reality, Saakashvili will be the Prime Minister of Georgia. He and his political team have done their best for this aim, thus it has no meaning in which position I would like to see him.”
Tornike, Bank Employee, 28

“I believe that he is the best president of Georgia and he must stay in politics after his presidential term expires. There are people in the country who dislike him, however everyone will not be keen on him, it is human nature. I cannot see any other politician in the country who will be able to rule country better than Saakashvili. I wish to see him in one of the most influential posts.”
Nona, Pensioner, 56

“Well actually I prefer never to see him again; at least not in Georgian politics. Saakashvili has damaged not only the Georgian political and economic, but also the social and cultural lifestyle. We Georgians have heard lots of unfulfilled promises and faced even more failures. It’s high time we start a new life under a new leadership.”
Lali, Housewife, 41

“I would like to see him in jail as a prisoner. Our President has committed so many crimes from his very first years of service that I think he should pay for all this in quite a severe way.”
Tornike, Student, 20

“To be fair I have never thought about this issue before but as a matter of a fact our acting President has enough followers to become the Prime Minister in future. Moreover the new state constitution has been changed exactly for this very intention. I don’t even want to imagine what will be with us under Saakashvili’s interminable government. God save us from this punishment.”
Lamara, Accountant, 46