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Do you think talented people have the opportunity of being successful in Georgia?

Thursday, February 24
"Talent is a gift and each talented man has an opportunity to be successful in any country, especially if he/she works hard. I think that in Georgia they also have such an opportunity."
Nodar, Doctor, 51

"Well, we have some problems in this field, as patronage is still very real in the country. Everyone wants to appoint his friends and relatives to normal or high positions and there are no places for talented ones, who have no influential relatives."
Goga, Teacher, 34

"Well, if you are very talented there is a possibility to be successful, even if you do not have rich relatives. In general, money and rich friends and relatives still specify a lot of things in the country".
Tamar, Housewife, 31

“Actually it depends on the person. I know lots of talented people who have been trying to find the relevant jobs but all in vain. Unfortunately Georgia is a country of “relatives” – I mean if you don’t have someone somewhere you can hardly find employment, even at the shop or a super market. If you are lucky enough to have a “respected” relative on a high salary - who cares of talent nowadays? ”
Salome, Painter, 24

“Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In Georgia everything depends on destiny. If you are lucky enough to be a successful graduate and find the relevant job, your talent will be realized, if not you’ll get lost – that’s the whole philosophy.”
Nino, Project Manager, 28

“I think that if a person is motivated and really wants to achieve success, if he/she really tries his/her best and doesn't surrender, it's possible to become successful even in our country, though it's more difficult than in other countries.”
Dato, Accountant, 29